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10 Ahmad Shamlou Poems in Farsi and English

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10 Ahmad Shamlou Poems in Farsi and English

Ahmad Shamlou (Persian:احمد شاملو) was a great Persian poet born on December 12, 1925, in Tehran, Iran, and died on July 23, 2000. Ahmad Shamlou poems touch the heart of any human being and invite them to love. Many critics believe him to be one of Iran’s most significant poets of the contemporary era. On the surface, Ahmad Shamlou poems seem to be sophisticated, depending significantly on imagery, yet they’re relatively straightforward in terms of their content. Traditional imagery in his poems that Iranian readers are familiar with is typically from other famous poets such as Omar Khayyám or Hafiz. Translators from all around the world translated many Ahmad Shamlou poems into other languages, and he has also translated some of French literature into the Persian language.


Ahmad Shamlou Poems Characteristics

Shamlou’s first book of poems, Forgotten Songs, was released in 1947. It was a compilation of poetry that included both contemporary and classical works. He was intensely fascinated by Iranian folklore, and he created a large piece of work called The Book of Alley, which consisted of thirteen volumes. Critics believe that Ahmad Shamlou poems have been a tremendous help to people learning Persian traditions and language. The poet Shamlou draws inspiration from the aspects of nature in his poetry. Forests, the sun, mountains, clouds, snow, day and night, spring, lightning, animals, and birds are examples of natural elements in Ahmad Shamlou poems. Furthermore, colors and their variations, which are one of nature’s most distinctive manifestations that take on symbolic meaning in poetry, play an important role in creating his poetry.


Aida and Shamlou

One thing you should know before reading Ahmad Shamlou poems is that his love poems are entirely about a lady called Aida, who was his wife and whom he loved with complete devotion.


Ahmad Shamlou Poems in English

Many critics believe that Shamlou got inspiration from Nima Jooshij. In the following, we provided the best Ahmad Shamlou poems. So, please keep reading!

زیباترین حرفت را بگو

شکنجه ی پنهان سکوت ات را آشکاره کن

و هراس مدار از آنکه بگویند

ترانه یی بیهوده می خوانید

چرا که ترانه ی ما

ترانه ی بیهوده گی نیست

چرا که عشق

حرفی بیهوده نیست

حتی بگذار آفتاب نیز بر نیاید

به خاطر فردای ما اگر

بر ماش منتی ست

چرا که عشق

خود فرداست

خود همیشه است


Zibatarin harfat ra begu

Shekanjeye penhane sokotat ra ashkareh kon

Va haras madar az anke begoyand

Taranehee bihodeh mikhanid

Chera ke taraneye ma

Taraneye bihodegi nist

Chera ke eshgh

Harfi bihodeh nist

Hata bogzar aftab niz bar nayayad

Be khatere fardaye ma agar

Bar mash menatist

Chera ke eshgh khod fardast

Khod hamisheh ast

English Translation

Tell your most beautiful words

Release your pain of silence

Don’t be scared if they say

Your words are useless

Because our words

Are not useless melodies

Because love

Is not useless

Even if the sun doesn’t rise

love is future

love is the everlasting!

تو را دوست دارم

و این دوست داشتن

حقیقتی است که مرا

به زندگی دلبسته می کند


To ra dost daram

Va in dost dashtan

Haghightist ke mara

Be zendegi delbaste mikonad

English Translation:

I love you

And this love

Is a fact

That makes me wanna live

دوست اش می دارم

چرا که می شناسمش

به دوستی و یگانگی


همه بیگانگی و عداوت است

هنگامی که دستان مهربانش را به دست می گیرم

تنهایی غم انگیزش را در می یابم


Dostash midaram

Chera ke mishnasamash

Be dosti va yeganegi


Hame biganegy va edavat ast

Hengami ke dastane mehrbanash ra be dast migiram

Tanhayee gham angizash ra dar miyabam

English Translation:

I love her

Because I know her

As a good-hearted person

The city is full of cold eyes and evilness

When I hold her kind hands

I feel her sad loneliness!


Ahmad Shamlou Poems in Farsi

Shamlou was a skilled and influential journalist, researcher, translator, and critic, in addition to his revolutionary skill in poetry. In his research books Ketab-e Kuche, he performed a fantastic job preserving Iran’s vernacular and colloquial culture. His noteworthy translations of authors and poets such as Octavio Paz, Langston Hughes, and Federico Garcia Lorca opened the doors of international literature to Persian speakers. Let’s read more of Ahmad Shamlou poems.

در خلوت روشن با تو گريسته ام

براي خاطر زندگان

و در گورستان تاريک با تو خوانده ام

زيباترين سرودها را

زيرا که مردگان اين سال

عاشق ترين زندگان بودند

دستت را به من بده

دست هاي تو با من آشناست


Dar khalvate roshan ba to geristeham

Baraye khatere zendegan

Va dar gorestane Tarik ba to khandeham zibatarin sorodeh hara

Zira ke mordegane in sal

Asheqtarin zendegan budand

Dastat ra be man bedeh

Dasthaye to ba man ashenast

English Translation:

I have wept in solitude with you

Because of the living beings

And I have laughed in a dark graveyard with you and sung

The most beautiful songs

This year, the dead

Are most living beings

Give me your hands

Your hands know me

اي دير يافته با تو سخن مي گويم

بسان ابر که با توفان

بسان علف که با صحرا

بسان باران که با دريا

بسان پرنده که با بهار

بسان درخت که با جنگل سخن مي گويد

زيرا که من

ريشه هاي تو را دريافته ام

زيرا که صداي من

با صداي تو آشناست


Ey dir yafteh ba to sokhan migoyam

Besan abr ke ba tofan

Besan alaf ke ba sahra

Besan baran ke ba darya

Besan parande ke ba bahar

Besan derakht ke ba jangal sokhan migoyad

Zira ke man

Rishehhaye to ra yafteham

Zira ke sedaye man

Ba sedaye man ashnast

English Translation:

Oh you who have been found at last

I speak with you

As the cloud with the storm

The weed with soil

The rain with the sea

The bird with green spring

As the tree speaks with the jungle


I have discovered your roots

Because my voice

Is familiar with yours!

همچون زخمی

همه عُمر

خونابه چکنده

همچون زخمی

همه عُمر

به دردی خشک تپنده،

به نعره‌یی

چشم بر جهان گشوده

به نفرتی

از خود شونده،

غیاب بزرگ چنین بود

سرگذشت ویرانه چنین بود

آه اگر آزادی سرودی می‌خواند


کوچک‌تر حتا

از گلوگاه یکی پرنده


Hamchon zakhmi

Hame omr

Khonabe chekande

Hamchon zakhmi

Hame omr

Be dardi khosh tapande

Be na’ree

Cheshm bar jahan goshodeh

Be nefrati

Az khod shavande

Ghiyabe bozorg chenin bud

Sargozashte virane chenin bud

Ah agar azadi sorudi mikhand


Kochak tar hata

Az galogahe yeki parandeh

English Translation:

Like a wound

The whole life

It drips blood

Like a wound beating with a deep pain

With a cry

It opened the eyes to the world

To a hatred


The great absence was like this

The story of ruins was like this

Oh, if freedom could sing


Tinier than,

A bird’s throat


Ahmad Shamlou Love Poems

You will read 3 of the best Ahmad Shamlou poems about love in the following. Aida Sarkisyan is Shamlou’s wife and his love of life. Aida was born on November 15, 1939; many of Ahmad Shamlou poems are about her. Read a part of Aida’s interview about Shamlou. “Work and music were an integral part of our daily routines. Despite our difficulties and fears, our united goal helped us persevere through our misfortunes. Our first meeting took place in the spring of 1962. Ahmad would write me poetry in his lovely handwriting, and I would store them in a tiny wooden box with inlaid patterns. We have been living in the same home since 1964.”

کیستی که من اینگونه به اعتماد

نام خود را

با تو می گویم

نان شادی ام را با تو قسمت می کنم

به کنارت می نشینم و

بر زانوی تو اینچنین به خواب می روم

کیستی که من این گونه به جد

در دیار رویاهای خویش با تو

درنگ می کنم


Kisti ke man ingone be etemad

Name khod ra

Ba to migoyam

Nane shadyiam r aba to ghesmat mikonam

Be kenarat mineshinam O

Bar zanoye to inchenin be khab miravam

Kisti ke man ingone be jed

Dar diyare royahaye khish ba to

Derang mikonam

English Translation:

Who are you that I trust you with my name

I talk with you

I share my happiness with you

I sit beside you

I sleep on your feet

Who are you that

I see you in my dreams

د‌ل های ما که به هم نزدیک باشن

دیگر چه فرقی می کند

که کجای این جهان باشیم

دور باش اما نزدیک

من از نزدیک بودن‌های دور می‌ترسم


Del haye ma ke be ham nazdik bashan

Digar che farghi mikonad

Ke kojaye in jahan bashim

Dor bash ama nazdik

Man az nazdik bodan hayed or mitarsam

English Translation:

When hearts are close

What’s the difference

Where our bodies are

It’s okay to be far away, but be close to me

I’m scared of close bodies that are strange to each other!


Ahmad Shamlou Quotes

Let’s read more of Ahmad Shamlou poems and quotes in the following.

!آیداى خوب نازنینم

مدت هاست که برایت چیزى ننوشته ام

زندگى مجال نمى دهد: غم نان

با وجود این، خودت بهتر مى دانى

نفسى که مى کشم تو هستى؛

خونى که در رگ هایم مى دود و حرارتى که نمى گذارد یخ کنم

امروز بیشتر از دیروز دوستت مى دارم و فردا بیشتر از امروز

و این، ضعف من نیست: قدرت تو است



Aida khobe nazaninam

Modathast ke barayat chizi naneveshtam

Zendegi majal nemidahad: ghame nan

Ba vojode in, khodat behtar midani

Nafasi ke mikesham to hasti;

Khoni ke dar raghayam midavad va hararati ke nemigozarad yakh konam

Emruz bishtar az diruz dostat daram va farad bishtar az emruz

Va in za’fe man nist: ghodrate tost!

English Translation:

My dear lovely Aida

It’s been some time since I wrote you a letter

Life limited me: hardworking for surviving

Still, you better know me

You’re my breath (you’re the reason why I’m alive.”)

(you’re) the blood in my vessels

The warmth of my heart

Today, I love you more than yesterday

And tomorrow I will love you

More than today

This is not my weakness: it’s your power!

Ahmad Shamlou poems show the true love of a person for someone.

بالاﺧﺮﻩ ﺧﻮﺍﻫﺪ ﺁﻣﺪ

ﺁﻥ ﺷﺐﻫﺎیی ﮐﻪ ﺗﺎ ﺻﺒﺢ

ﺩﺭ ﮐﻨﺎﺭ ﺗﻮ ﺑﯿﺪﺍﺭ ﺑﻤﺎﻧﻢ

ﺳﺮﺕ ﺭﺍ ﺭﻭﯼ ﺳﯿﻨﻪ ﺍﻡ ﺑﮕﺬﺍﺭﻡ

ﻭ ﺑﻪ ﺗﻮ ﺑﮕﻮﯾﻢ ﮐﻪ ﺩﺭ ﮐﻨﺎﺭﺕ

چقدﺭ ﺧﻮﺷﺒﺨﺖ ﻫﺴﺘﻢ


Belakhare khahad amad

An shabhayi ke ta sobh

Dar kenare to bidar bemanam

Sarat ra roye sineham begozaram

Va be to begoyam ke dar kenarat

Cheghadr khoshbakht hastam

English Translation:

Finally, nights would come

That I stay awake beside you till morning

(I will) put your head on my chest

And tell you that

I’m happy beside you!



Persians have always loved poetry; that’s why they respect and care for the great figures in Persian literature. One of the great poets all Iranians love is Shamlou. Ahmad Shamlou poems open our hearts to acceptance of love. In this article, we provided 10 of the best Ahmad Shamlou poems.


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