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10 Best Iranian Podcasts

by faezeh nobakht
10 Best Iranian Podcasts

10 Best Iranian Podcasts

Iranians are becoming more attracted to podcasts in recent years. There are several high-quality Persian podcasts available. This article will discuss the best Iranian podcasts, namely those that have successfully reached a significant audience in recent years. Don’t miss out on the podcasts on the list below if listening to podcasts is part of your everyday routine these days. Podcasts are audio and digital files that are on the Internet, and consumers may download and listen to them on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Every day, the popularity of Persian podcasts grows, and we are seeing the emergence of several new talents in this industry. Podcasts have the potential to be one of the most effective tools for business marketing.


What Are the Best Iranian Podcasts?

Today, podcasts serve not only as a source of entertainment for Persians but also as a means of learning about a variety of issues. Anyone may subscribe to a variety of podcasts based on their interests and requirements. In the following, we will introduce you to the best Iranian podcasts.


  1. Radio Rah (رادیو راه)

Subscribers on Castbox: 712,557

One of the best Iranian podcasts is Radio Rah. These days if you ask people, what the best Iranian podcasts are, they will absolutely mention Radio Rah. But why is Radio Rah so popular? To a large extent, Radio Rah is popular because of its host, Mojtaba Shakori. It has only been roughly two years since the launch of Radio Rah, but the channel’s popularity has skyrocketed since Mojtaba Shakori is the host. Personal development is the focus of the Radio Rah podcasts. Shakori has a Ph.D. in political science and a bachelor’s degree in mechanics. Shakori is a voracious reader who thinks profoundly and communicates well.


Topics of Podcasts

Every subject covered in his podcasts is intended to help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in, including love, death, creativity, inner fulfillment, war, and the way of life. He also addresses how to be a better person and how to live a better life. Each episode focuses on one of these concerns. You can access his podcasts easily just by searching in Castbox. One of the most popular podcasts of Radio Rah is Eshgh (Love).


  1. BPlus (بی پلاس)

Website: bpluspodcast.com

Subscribers on Castbox: 705,217


Ali Bandari is the host of BPlus podcasts. In this podcast, Ali Bandari and his colleagues provide an overview of non-fiction literature to the listeners. They discuss a section of a book in each episode of this podcast. The summaries and explanations they offer about each book introduce the book to the audience and encourage them to read the whole book. With this introduction, we find out whether the book is suitable for us or not ?! Do not be concerned that listening to their podcasts will spoil the whole book. You can listen to BPlus podcasts via Castbox, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and the BPlus website.


  1. Channel B(چنل بی)

Website: channelbpodcast.com

Subscribers on Castbox: 656,355

channel b

Channel B is another best Iranian podcasts ever. This Persian podcast, is one of the best Iranian podcasts, launched its debut episode in 2015. They release a new episode on their website every three weeks from that point on. In each episode, a lengthy report of a true story that has been in a reputable English media source is translated into Persian, and users may listen to it. According to the information available on the Channel B website, the podcasts have been in partnership with a three-member team under the direction of Ali Bandari since the winter of 2015. One of its benefits is a professional and well-designed website to find further information on each podcast.


  1. Solhe Daroon (صلح درون)

Subscribers on Castbox: 489,377

Solhe Daroon is one of the best Iranian podcasts available. Its host, Sepehr Khodabandeh, is also a popular figure on Instagram and Twitter. The goal of Solhe Daroon podcasts is to improve our inner condition and make us feel better about ourselves. For those who like psychological podcasts, this podcast may be an excellent alternative. We find it fascinating that Sepehr Khodabandeh holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and, according to him, has had numerous setbacks throughout his life. Despite this, he has continued to follow his interests and is presently a student in psychology. Also, on social media, he’s pretty active on Instagram and Twitter, where he often tweets famous lines from his books. You can access Solhe Daroon podcasts through Castbox easily.


  1. Rokh (رخ)

Website: rokhpodcast.ir

Subscribers on Castbox: 251,853


The Rokh podcast is a historical podcast that exposes us to the lives of individuals who have changed the course of history or, to put it another way, have influenced a part of history. In the Rokh podcast, Amir Soodbakhsh serves as the narrator. Another significant fact to note is that Amir Soodbakhsch doesn’t only speak about the individuals who have contributed to Iran’s history, but he also talks about the lives of all those who have contributed to the history of human civilization around the globe. Rokh is one of the best Iranian podcasts, and you can access it through Castbox or its website.


  1. Radio Offside (رادیو آفساید)

Website: radiooffside.com

Subscribers on Castbox: 194,624


If you’re a fan of soccer, Radio Offside podcasts should be your choice. Radio Offside is a soccer-themed podcast for soccer enthusiasts. Every week, in an episode lasting around 2 hours, it covers the previous week’s happenings in various leagues throughout the globe. The hosts of this podcast are a group of young soccer fans. Radio Offside made its debut because of the World Cup, and it has since expanded its scope to include a variety of problems about the soccer world. Some editions of this podcast include interviews with well-known international soccer experts and reporters, which has boosted the diversity and attractiveness of the show. You can listen to Radio Offside via Castbox, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.


  1. Radio Deev ( رادیو دیو)

Website: radiodeev.org

Subscribers on Castbox: 164,829


One of the best Iranian podcasts is Radio Deev. The combination of literature and music produces a breathtaking beauty. With this lovely blend at the heart of their podcasts, Radio Deev has created a delightful experience for the listener. Each episode of Radio Deev takes us on a journey to a different nation or country, learning about music and literature. After listening to music, the presenters read pieces from the country’s literature. Literature and music are essential components of every culture, regardless of the country or place. Radio Deev’s coverage of world music and literature takes us on a trip across time and space. You can access Radio Deev podcasts in Castbox, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, iTunes, and OverCast.


  1. Navcast (ناوکست)

Subscribers on Castbox: 147,434

The first chapter of the Navcast podcast begins by reading Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. The podcast’s author, who is also the translator, reads from the book in each episode, which is a portion of the whole book. Instead of a synopsis or introduction, this audio reads the entire book. If you wish to read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, you may do it with an appealing voice and emotion by listening to Navcast, who will read the book to you. One of the best Iranian podcasts is Navcast, and you can listen to Navcast podcasts via Castbox and Podbean.


  1. Digesttt (دایجست)

Website: digesttt.com

Subscribers on Castbox: 112,176


Digesttt is one of the Best Iranian podcasts that cover a broad range of themes, including history, politics, and social concerns. Digesttt makes an effort to communicate complicated ideas in a straightforward and high-quality manner. Some of its episodes include “How Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS Formed,” “The Vegetarian World,” “What a Citizen Should Know About the Country Budget,” or even “Cryptocurrencies” and a slew of other topics.


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