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10 Persian Girl Names Shahnameh

Date:2022-07-09 Category: other
shahnameh womens

10 Persian Girl Names Shahnameh

If you have ever read Shahnameh or some parts of it, you realize that it’s a book full of masculine battles, and some may even attribute Shahnameh as a sexist book. However, there are many female roles in this book that are strong and norm deviating. Choosing Persian girl names Shahnameh for your daughter is trying to revive the strong ancient Persian females. By completing his masterwork, the Shahnameh (the Book of Kings), in less than 30 years, Ferdowsi made a significant contribution to the preservation of Persian culture and language. Ferdowsi made every effort to immortalize Persian culture, history, and language; that’s why it’s essential to respect this masterpiece.


What Are the Best Persian Girl Names Shahnameh?

shahnameh womens

Researchers argue that many women in Shahnameh are actually superior to males, such as Sindukht, the mother of Roodabeh. Ferdowsi, a rationalist poet, has portrayed women as intelligent humans; for example, Roshanak, Dara’s daughter, is appreciated in the poem for her intelligence. Shahnameh is a reminder of Persian ancestors, and keeping their names alive is crucial; that’s why in this article, we’ve provided a list of Persian girl names Shahnameh.

  1. Sindukht (سیندخت): Sindukht means the daughter of Simorgh. In Shahnameh, she was the mother of Roodabeh and the wife of Mehrab Kaboli, and the grandmother of Rustam. Shahnameh describes her as an intelligent woman.
  2. Shahrnaz (شهرناز): Daughter or sister of Shamshid in Shahnameh.
  3. Faranak (فرانک): Faranak is the mother of Fereydun and the wife of Abtin.
  4. Sudabeh (سودابه): Sudabeh was a princess of the Hamavaran kingdom, and she subsequently married Kay Kavus, King of Iran, and became the stepmother to prince Siyavash.
  5. Rudaba (رودابه): She appears in Ferdowsi’s epic poem Shahnameh as a legendary female. She’s the princess of Kabul, the daughter of Mehrab Kaboli and Sindukht, and she subsequently marries Zal, with whom she has fallen in love. They were the parents of two children, one of them being Rostam, the primary protagonist of the Shahnameh.
  6. Farangis (فرنگیس): She’s the oldest daughter of Afrasiab, the king of Turan. She’s also Siyavash’s second wife, and he considers her to be his favorite. She’s the mother of Kai Khosrow, a famous hero who became the Shah of Iran. Farangis is a Turanian by origin, but she has proved her allegiance to her husband’s realm and family.
  7. Katayoun (کتایون): She’s a female character who appears in Iranian mythology and the Shahnameh epic. Katayoun is the wife of Goshtasb and the mother of Esfandir, who is a great character in this epic book. In Shahname, she’s the Princess of Rum and the daughter of the Kaiser of Rum.
  8. Gordafarid (گردآفرید): One of the heroines of the Shahnameh, she’s a woman of great bravery. A champion, she battled against Sohrab (another Iranian hero who served as the head of the Turanian army). She caused the Turanian warriors on their way to invade Iran to be held up in battle. She is renowned as a symbol of boldness and wisdom among Iranian females.
  9. Azadeh (آزاده): In Shahnameh, Azadeh is a Roman harpist. When Bahram-e Gur (Bahram V) arrived in al-Hirah, Azadeh joined him as a hunting companion. Hunting adventures of Bahram and Azadeh was a common subject in Persian miniature painting.
  10. Tahmineh (تهمینه): She’s a female character in the narrative Rostam and Sohrab, which is a part of the Persian epic Shahnameh, written in the 10th century. Her name is renowned as the wife of Rostam and the daughter of Samanganshah, the ruler of Samangan.



By reading this article, we realize that Persian girl names Shahnameh are glorious, and they have great roles in forming the epic book of Shahnameh written by Ferdowsi. Ancient Persian people cared extremely about females, and this issue is evident in literature; that’s why we’ve provided 10 Persian girl names Shahnameh.


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