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10 Stunning Iranian Beaches

Date:2022-05-29 Category: travel
kish Beach

When you think of visiting Iran, what is the first thing that springs to mind? I’m guessing it’ll be hot, with endless deserts and mosques. The fact is, most people are unaware that Iran is much more than that. Iran is also well-known for its stunning salt lakes, gorgeously colored Islamic architecture, and tranquil Iranian beaches, all found in the country. There are several beaches to select from, ranging from the well-known Ladies’ Beach on the southern island of Kish to the Khalaj Beach in Ramsar, Mazandaran province. Because the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Oman Sea surround Iran on two sides, the nation offers a plethora of thrilling and gorgeous beaches in both the north and south This article will inform you about some gorgeous Iran beaches, which will shock you, so keep reading.


Best Iranian Beaches

It’s possible to experience the best Iranian beaches in Iran’s northern and southern regions. Each of these beaches has specific unique characteristics. The north beaches of Iran are an example of this; on one side, you have a beautiful sea, and on the other, you have Hyrcanian forests. There are many outstanding attractions in southern Iran beaches that will take your breath away, such as the confluence of desert and sea at Darak beach or the crimson sands of Hormuz island, among many others. Here is a list of the best Iran beaches.


  1. Kish Beach (ساحل کیش)

kish Beach

Say hello to this spectacular kish beach in Iran, which gives the sense of walking in a tropical paradise right in the heart of the Persian Gulf. Kish is a popular sunny beach resort with white sand beaches like Ladies’ beach, Maryam beach, and other famous destinations. Consider yourself seated beneath a shade of white palm trees, enjoying the spectacular sights of the blue Persian Gulf. Isn’t it breathtaking? The kish beach in Iran is renowned for its abundance of coral reefs, home to a variety of bright fish throughout the year, and its other famous tourist destinations. Aside from the lovely beaches with palms and the glittering blue water, this kish beach in Iran has many exciting attractions to see.


  1. Marjan Beach (ساحل مرجان)

Marjan Beach

Marjan Beach, located on Kish Island, is famous for its golden sand and offers many opportunities for pleasant walks while admiring the views of rows of palm trees on the side. You may also go surfing or hire a boat to properly explore the enormous expanse of pure water that this area has to offer. Because temperatures on Kish Island may reach dangerously high levels in the summer, visiting during the spring or even winter is best.


  1. Zeitoon Beach (ساحل زیتون)

Zeytoon beach

Zeitoon Beach in Qeshm (part of Zeitoon Park) is one of the best Iranian beaches for water sports since it has a diving school on site that caters to divers of all abilities. Several restaurants throughout the region serve seafood meals that you may not expect to find in Iran, such as octopus and shrimp wrapped with local spices like turmeric, cloves, and dried rose petals, providing a refreshing culinary. With live music playing in some of the restaurants, you can enjoy an even more remarkable dining experience while enjoying the view of the sea.


  1. The Red Beach (ساحل سرخ)

The Red Beach

If you spend a day in Red Beach, you will find it among the best Iranian beaches. Hormuz is an island situated near Iran’s southern coasts in the Persian Gulf. Incredibly beautiful, with qualities that are unique across the globe – not least of which is the stunning ruby-red beach – That’s why it’s also a popular tourist destination. It’s renowned as “Rainbow Island” because of the numerous different hues of the island and the surrounding seas that cover it.


  1. Silver Beach (ساحل نقره ای)

Silver Beach

Silver Beach has the potential to be one of the most fascinating Iranian beaches you’ve ever seen in your whole life! The glistening sand and vivid stones that distinguish this beach from the other beaches on Hormuz Island are the reason for its popularity. This stunning piece of Hormuz nature is at its most lovely in the early hours of the morning.


  1. Darak Beach (ساحل درک)

Darak Beach

It’s the name of a village in Zarabad county, part of Konarak city, situated in Iran’s southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan region. Because of the sea and the desert connection in this region, it’s no surprise that this shore is a popular tourist destination. Darak beach, located adjacent to the sea and the desert, is one of the most bizarre and beautiful Iranian beaches and one of the world’s precious wonders. This extraordinary contradiction has resulted in a natural wonder that visiting is necessary. There are only a few other places on the planet that have features comparable to this beach, primarily found in Africa, South Australia, and Western Asia. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to view this beautiful sight when you’re exploring Iran, the nation of wonders!


  1. Rishehr Beach (ساحل ریشهر)

rishahr Beach

Located near Bushehr, adjacent to significant towns, Abadan and Shiraz, Rishehr Beach is an appealing alternative to popular tourist destinations and is one of the best Iranian beaches. You may rent speed boats at the beach if you want to go out on the sea. Once again, winter is the most excellent time of year to visit since the weather is milder yet still warm enough to enjoy a swim. As late as December, you may enjoy swimming in water temperatures of up to 72°F (22°C).


  1. Ramsar Beach (ساحل رامسر)

ramsar Beach

Want to go on a vacation to a destination that will leave you speechless? So, here’s a good one. Ramsar is a small city and a hidden gem in the Caspian Sea region. Set in the heart of natural beauty, Ramsar is bordered on one side by a forested mountain range and the other by the sea. This town, a popular, loved tourist destination, is home to one of the most exciting Iranian beaches. With its sandy coastline, salty sea, and dazzling sunset against a sky of blue, this location is ideal for a relaxing vacation resort. From the Caspian shore beach of Ramsar, you can also observe the passing cable cars. You should also know that Ramsar is renowned as the bride of Iranian cities, and you should visit its tourist attractions such as Javaherdeh village, Dalkhani jungle, and many others.


  1. Bandar Anzali Beach (ساحل بندر انزلی)

bandar anzali Beach

Bandar is Persian for port, and the port of Bandar Anzali is the biggest on Iran’s Caspian coast and one of the famous tourist destinations and is among the best Iranian beaches. It’s an ideal vacation destination, surrounded by pristine beaches, saline sea, and breathtaking dawn and sunset views. The coastline of the Anzali beach is the most beautiful in Iran, which you will love. We recommend you visit this tranquil location and take pleasure in it to the utmost.


  1. Gisoom Beach (ساحل گیسوم)

Gisoom Beach

gisoom iran

Gisoom Beach, in Iran’s Gilan province, is a vast expanse of sand that is ideal for swimming, and it’s among the best Iranian beaches you should visit. It’s a popular destination for Iranians who want to go on vacation or get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Gisoom Beach is another popular spot for water activities, with opportunities to jet ski. In addition, camping is available on site, a popular option for travelers. Remember to take time to explore the natural surroundings of the region, particularly Gisoom Jungle, which is densely packed with trees.



If you think of going to a beach for a holiday, you probably think of Florida, Italy, Albania, or Australia as the best choices; however, Iranian beaches are the hidden gems few tourists have visited. We recommend you give a chance to Iran beaches for your next holiday; you can choose one of the Iran beaches we mentioned in this article.


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