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100 Persian Boy Names 2022; Choose The best

Date:2021-11-28 Category: other
Persian Boy Names

100 Persian Boy Names 2022; Choose The best 

If you are struggling to find your boy a name, we recommend you to give a chance to Persian boy names but don’t worry because we’re here to help you.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to think about a few factors when looking for the best baby names; these factors could be the origin, background, pronunciation, meaning, attractiveness, uniqueness, and even sweetness which are all essential to consider.

Persian boy name has all these criteria we mentioned and are rich in history, meaning and are pleasant to pronounce.

Follow us through this article to get familiar with boy names.


What Are Good Persian Boy Names with Meaning?

In the following, we provided 100 Persian boy names with meaning for you.


Ancient Persian Boy Names Starting With “A”

Ancient Persian boy names are rich and mighty in meaning, and Iranians love them. If you want your son to have an ancient Persian name, check out this list:

  1. Arta (آرتا): Pure, the name of an Iranian hero in ancient times. In Avesta, it means a holy person
  2. Aban (آبان): Some amounts of water, the eighth month of the solar calendar. Aban was the tenth month of the solar calendar in ancient times.
  3. Abtin (آبتین): A pure soul, a good-doing person, father of Fereydun the character of Shahnameh.
  4. Atraban (آترابان): The guardian of fire, a great man in religion.
  5. Azarbad (آذرباد): The guardian of fire, someone whom fire is his guardian, a character in Vis and Rāmin love story, a Fire temple in Tabriz, Iran.
  6. Arad (آراد): In ancient times, the 25th day in the solar calendar which people would wear new clothes, name of an angel.
  7. Arsin (آرسین): An Aryan boy.
  8. Artin (آرتین): Innocence and purity, a holy boy, the 7th king of Medes, a smart boy, a character in Shahnameh, a Persian hero who was significantly skillful in archery.
  9. Arsam (آرسام): A boy who is as mighty as a bear, powerful man, the son of Ariaramnes in Achaemenid Empire.
  10. Arsan (آرسان): The boy of Artaxerxes II (king of Achaemenid Empire).


Unique Persian Boy Names Starting with “B”

If you want your son’s name to start with the letter “B,” take a look at this list:

  1. Bardiya (بردیا): The second son of Cyrus the Great, a great man.
  2. Barsam (برسام): A great fire, one of the officers of Yazdegerd (Sasanian King), a character in Shahnameh.
  3. Borna (برنا): A young, charming and courageous boy.
  4. Behdad (بهداد): Perfect justice
  5. Behrad (بهراد): Gentleman
  6. Behnya (بهنیا): A boy who is from a noble generation.
  7. Barad (باراد): A guy whose name appears on the inscription of the Ka’ba-ye Zartosht and lived during the reign of Shapur I (Sasanian King).
  8. Behnam (بهنام): A boy with a pleasant name.
  9. Babak (بابک):  A father who is reliable and caring.
  10. Barzin (برزین): One of the greatest Fire temples in Iran.


Hot Persian Boy Names Starting With “P”

Boy names starting with “P” are usually hot and popular in Iran.

  1. Parsa (پارسا): A pious man, a boy who avoids sin.
  2. Parsya (پارسیا): A boy from Persia
  3. Pedram (پدرام): A decent man, happiness
  4. Parshan (پرشان): Warrior
  5. Parham (پرهام): an angel who spreads goodness, in Hebrew it’s equivalent is Abraham
  6. Parhan (پرهان): Abraham, a name in ancient Persia
  7. Padra (پادرا): Glory, brightness, the guardian of fire, a splendid land
  8. Paya (پایا): Something which is stable and permanent
  9. Pezhman (پژمان): a boy who is sad and depressed
  10. Pourya (پوریا): An Aryan boy
  11. Pouya (پویا): A boy who is hardworking and tries to be improved
  12. Pouyan (پویان): A boy who runs for his targets
  13. Payam (پیام): A message carrying inspiration, a message
  14. Peyman (پیمان): An agreement between two or more persons, a covenant
  15. Panah (پناه): A safe place, guardian, a supporter


Ancient Persian Boy Names Starting with “T”

In the following, you will read boy names, which all are rooted in Iran’s history.

  1. Tabal (تابال): An officer in the reign of Cyrus the Great
  2. Tabak (تباک): A character in Shahnameh, a Persian hero, a ruler of Jahrom during the reign of Ardashir I.
  3. Takhar (تخار): A character in Shahnameh, a province in Afghanistan
  4. Tazhav (تژاو): A character in Shahnameh, a hero man in ancient Turan, the son in law of Afrasiab.
  5. Taliman (تلیمان): A character in Shahnameh, a hero during the reign of Fereydun.
  6. Tavana (توانا): A skilled boy, powerful man
  7. Tahmasp (طهماسب): A soldier who has a strong horse
  8. Timas (تیماس): Jungle
  9. Tazh (تاژ): A character in Shahnameh, the brother of Hushang (the second king who ruled the world in Shahnameh)
  10. Turaj (تورج): A character in Shahnameh, a boy who is athlete and heroic


Popular Iranian Boy Names With “S”

Boy names starting with “S” are usually popular in Iran; we compiled some below.

  1. Sasan (ساسان): Grandfather of Ardashir I (the founder of the Sasanian Empire)
  2. Salar (سالار): A great man, father of Zal (a character in Shahnameh)
  3. Sam (سام): A character in Shahnameh, the grandfather of Rostam
  4. Saman (سامان): Land, wealth, patience, a city in Iran
  5. Sepanta (سپنتا): Holy, pure
  6. Sepehr (سپهر): The sky
  7. Sepehrdad (سپهرداد): Something which the sky bestows
  8. Sepidar (سپیدار): White poplar (tree)
  9. Sorush (سوروش): A boy who listens to his conscious
  10. Sezavar (سزاوار): Deserving
  11. Salm (سلم): The oldest son of Fereydun, a character in Shahnameh
  12. Sohrab (سهراب): The son of Rostam, a character in Shahnameh
  13. Soren (سورن): A brave man, powerful, an Iranian officer in ancient Persia
  14. Siamak (سیامک): The son of Keyumars in Shahnameh
  15. Siyavash (سیاوش): The son of Kay Kāvus in Shahnameh
  16. Sirus (سیروس): Cyrus the Great, the king of Achaemenid Empire
  17. Sina (سینا): One of the first followers of Zoroaster
  18. Samiya (سامیا): The 11th-month of the solar calendar in the Achaemenid Empire
  19. Samyar (سامیار): A wealthy man
  20. Saniyar (سانیار): a man who is decent, powerful and well-mannered
  21. Sadra (سدرا): The name of a tree in 7th level of paradise (according to Islam)


Coolest Persian Boy Names Starting with “Z”

Couldn’t you still find your perfect name? Don’t worry, check out these cool boy names below.

  1. Zadan (زادان): A free man
  2. Zal (زال): The father of Rostam, a character in Shahnameh
  3. Zamyad (زامیاد): The guardian of the Earth
  4. Zahir (زهیر): One of the officers of Kay Khosrow (king of Kayanian dynasty in ancient Persia)
  5. Zavareh (زواره): The son of Zal, the brother of Rostam, a character in Shahnameh


The Hot Persian Boy Names Starting With “M”

Here we tried to gather the hottest boy names starting with “M.”

  1. Mahan (ماهان): The son of Kay Khosrow
  2. Mazda (مزدا): A great knowledgeable man, god
  3. Mazdak (مزدک): A man who claimed to be the prophet of Ahura Mazda
  4. Mehrab (مهراب): A character in Shahnameh who was the king of Kabul
  5. Mehrban (مهربان): The guardian of light and kindness
  6. Mehrborzin (مهربرزین): A boy who has the kindest heart, the son of Farhad in the reign of Bahram V
  7. Mehrdad (مهرداد): The shepherd who raised the Cyrus the Great
  8. Mehrgan (مهرگان): The ancient Persian holiday
  9. Mehrtash (مهرتاش): A kind and carring boy
  10. Mehzad (مهزاد): A prince
  11. Mehyad (مهیاد): A greater man
  12. Mana (مانا): Everlasting, permanent
  13. Man (مانی): A knowledgeable man, scientist
  14. Misha (میشا): A boy who is young forever


The Trendy Persian Boy Names Starting With “F”

Next, we provided the most trendy boy names starting with “F,” so follow us to the end!

  1. Faramarz (فرامرز): The son of Rostam, a character in Shahnameh
  2. Farboud (فربد): The guardian of Khvarenah (glory) that is a holy spiritual force
  3. Farrokh (فرخ): A great man
  4. Fardin (فردین): A man who is superior in religion
  5. Farshad (فرشاد): A delighted boy
  6. Farhad (فرهاد): The name of the kings who ruled in the Parthian Empire
  7. Forud (فرود): The son of Siyavash, a figure in Shahnameh
  8. Fariborz (فریبرز): The son of Kay Kāvus
  9. Firoz (فیروز): The 18th king of Sasanian Empire
  10. Fereydon (فریدون): A man who saved the Aryan tribe


The Best Persian Boy Names Starting with “D”

In the last section, we compiled the best boy names starting with “D.”

  1. Dara (دارا): The 9th king of Kayanian dynasty
  2. Darab( داراب): The 8th king of Kayanian dynasty
  3. Dana (دانا): A vigilant and knowledgeable man
  4. Damavand (دماوند): An officer during the Sasanian Empire, the tallest mountain in Iran
  5. Dariush (داریوش): The third king of Achaemenid Empire


These 100 boy names we provided for you are among the best and most well-known Iranian boy names with rich meanings.


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