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15 Farsi Words for Love; Show Your Love in Different Way

Date:2021-11-26 Category: other
Farsi Words for Love

15 Farsi Words for Love; Show Your Love in Different Way

Persians are known for being romantic, and they have the most beautiful Farsi words for love. These words are full of genuine passion and affection.

If you are in a relationship with someone from another nation, getting close to them is more challenging; however, knowing how to communicate in their native language is a big step in improving your relationship.


You can delight your Iranian partner by calling her with attractive Farsi love phrases.

What Are Farsi Words for Love?

We prepared some of the sweetest Farsi words for love so you can call your lover with them; follow us to the end!

1. Eshgham (عشقم)

Here is the first term among other Farsi words for love; Eshgham!

Do you love your Persian partner? Have you yet told her about your feelings? Or are you wondering how to express your love in Farsi?

If you want to express your love, you can call your partner Eshgham; literally, it means “My love.”

Iranians also use this term casually among intimate friends or family members, but not romantic.

As an example (romantic):

  • Movazebeh Khodet bash, Eshgham →Take care of yourself, my love

Non-romantic example:

  • Hey man daram miram be jashn, bye Eshgham →Hey buddy, I’m going to the Party, bye my love (an indication of closeness)

2.  Azizam (عزیزم)

Among all Farsi words for love, Azizam is the most popular term to call your lover.

Literally, it means “My dear”. You can use this term for whoever you like such as your friends, family, and lover, because this term conveys affection.

Also this term is used to address some strangers politely; If someone is blocking your path into a store, simply call her “Azizam” and urge her to move aside.

It’s worth mentioning that women usually address other female strangers with this term.

People frequently address their loved ones with “Azizam,” which appears to be a simple term that is affectionate and heartwarming.

Pay attention to these examples:

  • Daram miram sare kar, Azizam → I’m going to work, my dear!
  • Salam sobhet bekheir, Azizam→ Hi, good morning, my dear!

3. Khoshgelam (خوشگلم)

“Khoshgelam” literally means “My beautiful.” You can use this term for calling females, especially your partner.

Girls are usually compassionate about their appearance, trying to appreciate their beauty by using the term “Khoshgelam.”

If you want to steal your girl’s heart, “Khoshgelam” is your term; it has a magical effect, trust us!

As an example:

  • Bia baghalet konam, Khoshgelam → Let’s hug you, my beautiful girl!
  • Delam baraye sorate khoshgelet tang shode, Khoshgelam → I miss your pretty face, my beautiful girl!

Girls call their female friends “Khoshgelam” to get closer or be kind to them.

This term is not limited only to friends or lovers; Iranian moms also love to call their daughters “Khoshgelam.”

4. Jigar Talaa (جیگر طلا)

“Jigar Talaa” means golden liver; calling your love “Jigar Talaa” might be a little weird for you, right?

In fact, when you call someone “Jigar Talaa,” you’re telling them that they’re a critical part of your life and that you can’t live without them, just as the liver is required for survival.

It’s also normal to call her simply “Jigar” (Liver).

Some of the examples are:

  • To Jigar Talaa man hasti → You’re my Jigar Talaa
  • Azizam, to Jigar man hasti → Baby, you’re my Jigar

Another use of this term is to call a lovely or cute girl, Jigar (beautiful).

If you meet a close friend after a long time, you can call her Jigar to show her you’ve been missing her.

Check out the example below.

  • Salam Jigar, kheili vaght hast nadidamet → (Hi, my Jigar, long time, no see!)

Other examples for this term are:

  • On bacheh ro bebin che jigareh → Look at that little baby who looks like a Jigar! (beautiful)

Jigareto Bokhoram (جیگرتو بخورم)

Another variation of the term we already introduced is “Jigareto Bokhoram,” which means “let me eat your liver.”

Iranians tell their loved ones this expression to express their deep emotions.

5. Azize Delam (عزیزدلم)

“Azize Delam” is among the most widely used Farsi words for love. Literally, it means “Dear of my heart.”

“Azize delam” is a Persian word that means ” My sweetheart.” It, like English, is not limited to couples and may be used to communicate affection in any meaningful connection.

6. Asalam (عسلم)

In English, “Asalam” means “My honey.” Iranians don’t usually call each other “Asalam” to express their affection, although lovers do so frequently because it’s a sweet word.

You can call your Persian girl “Asalam” when you want to let her know that she is adorable and sweet.

The best moment of calling your girl this term is when you’re kissing her, isn’t it?

7. Zendegim (زندگیم)

“Zendegim” is among those Farsi words for love that partners tell each other when they are sincerely in love. Literally, it means “You are my life.”

If you tell a Persian girl “Zendegim,” you’re actually letting her know you have deep emotions for her; so, be careful not to use this word if you’re not in love.

Some Farsi love words are designated for a specific gender like “Khoshgelam”; you would never tell a boy “my beautiful,” right?

However, “Zendegim” can be applied to either males or females.

Take a look at the example below:

  • Man doostet daram, Zendegim→ (I love you, my life)

8. Delbar (دلبر)

It refers to someone who stole your heart. Among all Farsi words for love, you can use “Delbar” when your heart melts if you see her.

Remember to use “Delbar” only when you two are close to each other, and you want to make your Persian girl feel special.

Imagine this scene: music is playing, your arms are wrapped around each other, now whisper “Delbar” in her ear. Amazing!

Here is the example:

  • Awli shodi delbar!→ You look amazing Delbar

9. Nafasam

“Nafasam” is one of the most romantic Farsi words for love.

This word, which literally means “my breath,” indicate having a profound and unconditional affection for someone.

If you call yiur beloved “Nafasam”, you’re telling her that you can’t live without her and that she’s a must for you. In Iran, most lovers address each other with this term as a sign of profound affection.

When you press your lips on hers and feel each other’s breath, it’s the finest time to tell her “Nafasam.”

Check out the following example:

  • Barayeh mani faghat, Nafasam (while whispering in her ears) → You’re mine Nafasam.

10. Janam (جانم)

“Janam” means “my life and soul.” If you want to show your love and passion to a girl, you can call her “Janam.”

Among all Farsi words for love, isn’t “Janam” the sweetest? Imagine keeping your head close to hers and telling her, “you are Janam,” won’t her cheeks blush?

This term has another use as well. If your partner calls your name, you can sweetly answer, “Janam?”, take a look at the example below:

  • Her: John, are you there?
  • You: Janam?

It’s worth mentioning that another variation of this term is “Jonam,” with the same meanings.

11. Yeki Yedoneh (یکی یدونه)

“Yeki Yedoneh” means “my only one”. All Farsi words for love are sweet and genius so is “Yeki Yedoneh.” This term is not only used for showing your affection but also to let her know you’re loyal to her.

If you let her know she’s the only one, this will make her feel special and will increase her faith in the relationship, so don’t skip “Yeki Yedoneh.”

For example:

  • Yadet nare male mani, Yeki Yedoneh → don’t forget that you’re mine, Yeki Yedoneh.

The way Persians use Farsi words for love is fascinating, right?

12. Hamsaram (همسرم)

In Persian, “Hamsar” means “spouse.” Calling your spouse “Hamsaram” is a way to be sweet and cute with her. Expressing love is much more essential when you’re married, so “Hamsaram” can be a good option for you.

Some Farsi words for love have more than one meaning, just like this one. “Hamsar” literally means “equal heads,” As a result, it suggests an equal spouse and is thus a poetic manner of defining one’s best mate.

13. Shirinam (شیرینم)

This one is the sweetest among all Farsi words for love because it means “My Sweety.” In English, this word is equivalent to calling someone honey or sweetie.

Imagine wrapping your arm around her waist, gazing into her eyes, kissing her hands, and saying, “Shirinam,” wonderful!

14. Noore Cheshmam (نور چشمم)

“Noore Cheshmam,” which literally means “the light of my eyes,” is the next term in our list of Farsi words for love.

This term has a poetic meaning; The eyes are the windows to the soul, which is a way of saying that you are the light that shines through those windows.

Sit next to her, lay your hand on one eye, and tell her she’s your Noore Cheshm if you’re going to use this word.

15. Nazaninam (نازنین ام)

“Nazaninam” means “ my sweety or my dear.”

You can call her by this term if you want to make your partner feel she is lovely, sweet, and beautiful.


There are many ways to express love in Persian, which we gathered the most 15 romantic ones.

Many Farsi words for love are poetic, not strange, because Persian poems are known for their love content.


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