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45 Turkish-Persian Boy Names With Meaning

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45 Turkish-Persian Boy Names With Meaning

If you’re looking for Turkish-Persian boy names, then you’re in the right place. Turkey has a long and glorious past that is rich in culture, and as a result, it has many great baby names with exquisite meanings. Persian, Greek, and European cultural influences are present in several of these Turkish boy names. On the other hand, Iran is popular with its long history and glorious literature, which caused an increase in the dictionary of names. Here, you can find many mutual Turkish-Persian boy names popular in Iran and Turkey.


What Are Popular Turkish-Persian Boy Names?

Turkish names are often blessed with significant meanings, making them an excellent option for naming your baby. If you need some inspiration for baby names, have a look at our list of the best Turkish-Persian boy names for some ideas.


  1. Arham (ارحام)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Arham is a Muslim name both popular in Turkey and Iran. Mercy, empathy, and kindness are the meanings of the name Arham.


  1. Arsalan (ارسلان)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Arsalan is a Turkish boy name that translates as “lion” and “fearless.” It’s also famous in Kurdish, Persian, and Urdu, among other languages. The current Turkish word for “lion” is Aslan, but Arsalan is a more ancient and literary form. It has been the name of several Turkish figures throughout history, including a commander under Tamerlane.


  1. Oktay (اکتای)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Oktay or Oktai is a Turkish boy name that both spellings are correct. It was the name of Genghis Khan’s son. Oktay means famous, renowned, royal born, and a man with great character.


  1. Ahmet (احمد)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Its main form is “Ahmad,” which originates from Arabic. Ahmad is widespread in Muslim countries such as Iran and Turkey. However, in Turkey, it’s “Ahmet.” It means widely acclaimed or someone who thanks God all the time.


  1. Atabak (اتابک)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: It’s a Persian name that means “grandfather.” In the Qajar dynasty in Iran, Atabak was a reference to the ministers.


  1. Elyar (الیار)

Origin: Persian-Turkish

Meaning: This is one of the best Persian-Turkish boy names you can choose for your baby. It’s also possible to spell Elyar as Eiliar. There’s no difference between them. It means a boy that other people are fond of him or a popular boy among people.


  1. Emir (امیر)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Emir is a variation of “Amir.” It means commander and ruler.


  1. Deniz (دنیز)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Sea


  1. Haşim (هاشم)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Haşim or Hashem is a boy name originated from Hebrew. It refers to a boy who frequently thank God.


  1. Kerem (کرم)

Origin: Hebrew-Turkish

Meaning: Kerem is the variation of the name “Karam.” It refers to a generous, fair, and nobleman.


  1. Mehmet (محمد)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Mehmet or Muhammad is a boy name that originates from Arabic. It means praiseworthy.


  1. Mustafa (مصطفی)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Although “Mustafa” originates from the Arabic language, it’s famous in Iran and Turkey. It means chosen.


  1. Emre (امره)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Emre means a loving friend.


  1. Eren (ارن)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Isn’t Eren a pleasant boy name to hear? Eren also has a delicate meaning as a holy man or a saint. Eren is among the top 50 popular names in Turkey.


  1. Musa (موسی)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: As stated by the Roman Jewish scholar Josephus, the name is derived from ancient Egyptian origins, and is derived from mo (water) and uses (to save), resulting in the meaning “saved from the water,” because when Prophet Musa was an infant, his mother placed him in a river, which carried him to the lands of the Egyptian Pharaoh, where he was discovered and saved. According to some references, it means “saved” or “savior.”


  1. Selim (سلیم)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Selim is an Arabic name that means flawless, genuine, strong, safe, and truthful. Selim is a variation of Saleem, and they both have the exact same meaning. Selim refers to a perfect and right-doing boy.


  1. Yusuf (یوسف)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: According to some sources, it means “The Lord of increases.” Yusuf’s meaning is “to expand in strength.” Yusuf is a Muslim boy’s name with several meanings and originated from Arabic.


  1. Ilman (ایلمان)

Origin: Arabic-Turkish

Meaning: Ilman is a wise and knowledgeable boy. Ilman means stable, calm, and devoted to his family. He’s obedient, honest, rational, energetic, well-organized, and trustworthy.


  1. Hamza (حمزه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Hamza is a variation of the name “Hamzeh.” When it comes to names for boys, Hamza is a male name of Arabic origin that means “lion or powerful.” Hamza was the renowned uncle of the Prophet Muhammad and the hero of The Hamzanama, also known as the Story of Hamza.


  1. Ata (عطا)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Ata is one of the best Turkish-Persian boy names, which means “a gift” in persian language and “Forefather” in the Turkish language. Actually, the meaning of the name “Ata” is different in various languages, nations, and cultures, and there’s more than one possible meaning for it.


  1. Adish (آدیش)

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Fire, the flames of fire. Adish is a Sanskrit name that denotes Supreme Creator, Fire, Intelligence, and Insight.


  1. Afshin (افشین)

Origin: Turkish-Persian

Meaning: Afshin is a Persian boy name that was the title of the rulers of a region known as Oshrusana in ancient times. The most well-known person to have this name was a Persian hero who served as a commander under the Abbasid caliphs.


  1. Bayram (بایرام)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: It means festival. There are two Islamic celebrations by the name of Bayram: one that marks the conclusion of Ramadan and another that is celebrated 70 days later. Like Felix and Asher, Bayram is a name that has a positive, uplifting connotation in its meaning.


  1. Okan (اکان)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Archer, A nobleman


  1. Ozan (ازان)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: A poet man. Ozan is a helpful, sympathetic, adaptable, diplomatic, peaceful, and warm person who makes a good companion. He’s kind, balanced, polite, discreet, and prudent in his interactions with others.


  1. Azartash (آذرتاش)

Original: Turkish-Persian

Meaning: Azar (Persian) + Tash (Turkish); Two people who have the same fate.


  1. Aras (اراس)

Origin: Turkish-Persian

Meaning: It means “equal,” “balanced ” in Turkish and Persian. Aras generally refers to the Aras River, which runs through Turkey, Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan.


  1. Arka (آرکا)

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: It means lightning flashes, the sun, fire, a crystal, praise; a hymn; a song; a knowledgeable guy; an older brother.


  1. Aritma (آریتما)

Origin: Turkish-Persian

Meaning: One of the rarest Turkish-Persian boy names is Aritma, which is a historical name. Aritma was a commander in the Medes’ time.


  1. Alp (آلپ )

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Alp is a courageous, brave man, just like a hero.


  1. Bahador (بهادر)

Origin: Turkish-Persian

Meaning: Bahador means a brave, honorable man.


  1. Kahraman (قهرمان)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: A brave, strong, and courageous hero.


  1. Emin (امین)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Emin is the variation of the name “Amin.”  Emin or Amin means a confident, trustworthy boy who you can tell your secrets to.


  1. Ihsan (احسان)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A boy who is kind, empathetic, and softhearted, virtuous, honest, God-fearing, and devoted to God. Ihsan or Ehsan is a widespread name both in Iran and Turkey.


  1. Timur (تیمور)

Origin: Turkish-Russian

Meaning: Timur is a Turkish and Mongol name that means “iron.” Many Mongol, Turkish, and Yuan leaders had this name.


  1. Aydin (آیدین)

Origin: Turkish-Persian

Meaning: Aydin is one of the hottest and best Turkish-Persian boy names. Aydin is a brilliant and clever man.


  1. Chavosh (چاووش)

Origin: Turkish-Persian

Meaning: A lieutenant, a herald, and the caravans officer in charge.


  1. Murat (مراد)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: “Wishes come true” is the meaning of the name Murat. Murat is a Muslim boy’s name that has Turkish origins.


  1. Suleyman (سلیمان)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Suleyman is one of the most known religious names both in Iran and Turkey, which means a peaceful man.


  1. Dayan (دایان)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Dayan is a nobleman, a royal, a leader, and a powerful man.


  1. Niroop (نیروپ)

Origin: Indian

Meaning: An elegant and beautiful name for your little son, Niroop is an excellent choice. Niroop is a term that refers to a brilliant and shining appearance.


  1. Hakan (هاکان)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Hakan is a ruler, an emperor.


  1. Hamit (حمید)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: It’s a variation of the name Hamid. It means praising.


  1. Asuman (آسمان)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: The sky


  1. Behrem (بهرام)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: It’s the name of the Mars planet.



Turkey and Iran have always influenced each others’ religion and culture; that’s why there are many mutual names between these two nations. In this article, we provide 45 Turkish-Persian boy names for you.


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