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50 Persian-American Boy Names with Meaning

Date:2022-01-15 Category: other
persian american boy names

50 Persian-American Boy Names with Meaning

Are you looking for boy names? Don’t worry! In this article, we have provided the top Persian-American boy names for you. If you want to choose your son’s name in a way that is common both in USA and Iran, then you should read this article to the end! It has always been an exciting thing, particularly for new parents, to come up with a name for their kids. Many parents have particular criteria for picking a name, and each of these qualities is quite important for them.


Why Persian-American Boy Names?

International names, especially Persian-American boy names, can give you a wide range of choices to decide. You’re familiar with some of these names, such as Benjamin or David, but there are many more.


Why Are Persian-American Boy Names Unique?

Selecting a boy’s name that symbolizes your family’s ethnic origin or represents a culture you like may be a good idea for you. Or, you may just be seeking exciting boy names and exploring Persian names as a possible source. Persian names are rich in meaning because there are many beautiful names for boys and girls in Persian literature. The Shahnameh, or “Epic of Kings,” is the source of around 15 percent of the names in Persian.  Globalization has affected the Persian culture, which caused unique naming conventions. Nowadays, some parents choose modern names inspired by other nations, such as those from the United States and Western countries.


List of Persian-American Boy Names

In the following, you can choose your favorite Persian-American boy names that you can use both in Iran and USA.


  1. Amir (امیر)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: It means A prince or ruler. Although “Amir” originates from the Hebrew language, it has long been a favorite name in Arabic and Persian. People of Middle Eastern heritage, Arabs, and Persians in non-English-speaking nations use the term often in the United States and across the world.


  1. Ahmad (احمد)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Ahmad refers to someone who is greatly acclaimed or who is continually thanking God. It’s also one of the epithets of Prophet Mohammad. Ahmad is significantly a famous boy name in Iran.


  1. Arian (آرین)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: The name Arian means an Iranian boy belonging to the Aryan people (Aryan tribe). “Arian” also means “extremely holy,” “fighter,” and “respectable,” according to the definition. To the Greeks, the name means “silver.”


  1. Daniel (دانیال)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Daniel is a traditional name that originates from Bible. Daniel means, “God is my judge.”  Daniel is famous for his devotion to the God of Israel in the face of hardship and danger. King of the time sentenced Daniel to death in a lion den for refusing to worship him, but God saved him, and lions didn’t harm him. Daniel is also a famous name among Iranians.


  1. Adrian (آدریان)

Origin: Latin

Meaning: It means Sea, water. It’s also another form of the word Adrianus who was one of the great kings of Rome. It means “son of Adria” in Latin. A variant of the Roman family name Adrianus (or Hadrianus) translates as “from Hadria.” Hadia was an Italian village situated on Italy’s Adriatic coast in northern Italy.


  1. Rad (راد)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Rad has some definitions:

  • gentleman
  • A Freeman
  • Generous
  • Wise
  • Advisor


  1. Arad (آراد)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Arad is the name of an angel. Arad is also a protector of religion in Zoroastrianism.


  1. Sam (سام)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: You probably heard “Sam” lots of times, but did you know it’s a Persian name?! Sam in ancient Persian means “Fire.” In Avesta, it means black, and in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, he was the father of Zal and Rostam’s ancestor.


  1. Nile (نیل)

Origin: Greek

Meaning: It means a champion man. Nile is also a plant-based, blue substance that people use to color white garments after washing them.


  1. Ryan (رایان)

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Here is a well-known Persian-American boy’s name to choose. This name is a famous Irish surname. It means “small king” or “descendant of the ruler.” The name has gained popularity as a first name in recent years.


  1. Parham (پرهام)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Parham originates from the Persian language and means a boy who has devoted himself to God. Parham is also an angel of right doing. Its ancient meaning is “The father of all human beings.”


  1. Mikael (میکائیل)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Mikael is among the most prestigious Persian-American boy names, which means “who is similar to God?” According to the Bible, Michael or Mikael was an archangel. The meaning of the name Michael is a question, which translates as “Who could be as magnificent as God?” From 1954 until 1998, Michael was the most common boy’s first name in the United States, except for 1960, when it was the second most popular.


  1. Parsa (پارسا)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Parsa is a person who abstains from sin and error, Also a pious, holy, chaste, and devoted man.


  1. Davood (داوود)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Davood or David is one of the most well-known Persian-American boy names, famous both in Iran and USA. With strong Biblical origins, the name David means “beloved.” A variation on this name is Dawid, derived from the Hebrew word dod, meaning beloved.  David is a prominent character in the Bible, appearing as Israel’s second monarch in the Old Testament.


  1. Farhad (فرهاد)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: It’s a character in Shahnameh. It also means “A helpful man,” “A wise man,” “A true lover.”


  1. Cyrus (کوروش)

Origin: Persian, French

Meaning: Cyrus was a great king of Iran in Achaemenid Empire. It means a generous man as the sun who bestows love.


  1. Kasra (کسری)  

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Kasra is the name of Anushirvan, the Sasanian King.


  1. Fereydoun (فریدون)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Fereydoun is a person who behaves with justice. Fereydoun is the name of an Iranian mythological king and hero who is famous as a symbol of triumph, justice, and charity in Persian literature.


  1. Soroush (سروش)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Happiness, A man who delivers happy news, an angel who brought news for prophet Muhammad.


  1. Bijan (بیژن)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: A hero, a character in Shahnameh, Bijan means “warrior” in the Persian dictionary. Bijan is a luxury name you can use both in Iran and USA.


  1. Arash (آرش)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Here is one of the most famous Persian-American boy names. It’s the name of one of the archers of Manuchehr Shah’s era, whose arching story is one of the most well-known Persian epic legends.


  1. Naser (ناصر)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: It’s a man who would help others.


  1. Masih (مسیح)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Christ. Masih is one of the coolest Persian-American boy names.


  1. Matin (متین)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A mighty, knowledgeable, grandeur person who is a stable and influential figure.


  1. Mehrad (مهراد)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: A generous person. A selfless man.


  1. Navid (نوید)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: A man who delivers happy news, good tidings.


  1. Pouyan (پویان)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Here is one of the best Persian-American boy names that you can choose for your son. Pouyan means a man who is searching for something. It also means running steadily or a runner.


  1. Artan (آرتان)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Artan is one of the unique Persian-American boy names. Artan means a boy who God blessed him. It’s the name of the brother of Darius, the Achaemenid king, and the son of Hystaspes.


  1. Kian (کیان)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: King, a nobleman, a wealthy man, a man who has many possessions.


  1. Afshin (افشین)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Currently, Afshin in Persian means “conqueror.” General al-Afshin, Prince of Oshrusana, was the driving force behind this name’s rise in popularity. General Afshin was accused of being unfaithful to the monarchy. In June 841 A.D., the king tortured and killed him.


  1. Alvand (الوند)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: A powerful and strong man. The name of a mountain in Hamadan province. Also, it’s a warrior who is brave, quick, and swift.


  1. Aref (عارف)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Aref is a man who gets enlightened by the virtues of piousness, self-purification, and meditation; Also, the one with knowledge; the one who is aware of something, scientist and wise man.


  1. Kamran (کامران)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Kamran is a successful man.


  1. Arsalan (ارسلان)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: A powerful man like Lion, A notable Turkish name, a brave and courageous man.


  1. Atila (آتیلا)

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Atila is a brave, courageous, and powerful man.


  1. Borhan (برهان)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A reason, A decisive cause.


  1. Benjamin (بنیامین)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Benjamin is a biblical name from the Old Testament of the Bible, and it translates as “son of the right hand” in Hebrew. When Jacob had twelve sons, Benjamin was the youngest of them all. The idiom “the Benjamin of the family” refers to the youngest family members.


  1. Hafez (حافظ)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A person who protects somebody. Hafez is also a name of a great Iranian poet.


  1. Nikan (نیکان)

Origin: Persian   

Meaning: A nice person with righteous deeds.


  1. Misagh (میثاق)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Promise, covenant


  1. Mobin (مبین)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: clarity


  1. Mehrab (محراب)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Holy, wall niche that points to Mecca.


  1. Mehran (مهران)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Here is one of the hottest Persian-American boy names. A character in Shahnameh. Mehran is an affectionate man.


  1. Javad (جواد)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A generous man


  1. Jamshid (جمشید)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Shining


  1. Farid (فرید)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Unique


  1. Farrokh (فرخ)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: A blessed man


  1. Ebrahim (ابراهیم)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Abraham, One of the prophets of Israel.


  1. Dana (دانا)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: A wise and knowledgeable man.


  1. Arman (آرمان)

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Hope, dream



Choosing an International name for your baby is always exciting; that’s why we provided 50 Persian-American boy names for you.


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