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50 Persian Muslim Girl Names With Meaning

Date:2022-01-12 Category: other
persian muslim girl names

50 Persian Muslim Girl Names With Meaning

In this article, we compiled 50 Persian Muslim girl names to get ideas for choosing an appropriate one for your baby. With its excellent and beautiful history, Persia has long been a model of a country with rich culture. Even in modern times, the Persian culture and customs remain firmly rooted. Persian exotic culture provides a plethora of one-of-a-kind and gorgeous names, particularly for females. Persian girl names have been through changes since the arrival of Islam in Iran. We limited this list to Persian Muslim girl names due to this issue.


What Are the Popular Persian Muslim Girl Names?

Iranians have long been followers of Islam and let Islam be in every inch of their lives. One of the aspects Islam influenced in Iranian lives was changing names. For centuries, Iranians have chosen Muslim names for their children. We provided 50 Persian Muslim girl names in the following, so keep reading.


  1. Asma (اسما)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Asma is an indirect Quranic name that means elevated, lofty, and excellent. Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, the Prophet’s closest friend and confidante, had a daughter by this name. Also, Prophet Muhammad had a wife by this name.


  1. Aghdas (اقدس)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Aghas is a holy and innocent girl.


  1. Akram (اکرم)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Akram is a free, noble, and greater lady. Akram is also an attribute of God.


  1. Amaneh (امانه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: For females, Amaneh is a straight Quranic name that denotes “confidence, loyalty, guardianship, and devotion.”


  1. Osveh (اسوه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Osveh is a leader and tough girl. The name Osveh brings up images of kindness, bravery, and friendliness.


  1. Ommol Banin (اُم‌البنین)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: This name is originated from Arabic and is a traditional one which means the mother of sons. It refers to the wife of Imam Ali, Fatima.


  1. Ehteram (احترام)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Ehteram or Ihteram means respect and consideration.


  1. Elaheh (الهه)

Origin: Arabic-Persian

Meaning: It means Goddess, praise, praiseworthy, and it also refers to the sun.


  1. Elham (الهام)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Elham means inspiration. It also means instilling something from God into someone’s heart.


  1. Amindokht (امین دخت)

Origin: Arabic-Persian

Meaning: It’s a two-part name consisting of Amin (Arabic) and Dokht (Persian), meaning A trustworthy girl.


  1. Asieh (آسیه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Asieh is a variant spelling of the girl’s name Asiyeh, which means Wistful. Actually, Asiyeh is a Persian variation of the Arabic female name Asiya, which means “wistful,” “melancholic,” and “sad.” It’s also the name of Pharaoh’s wife, who took Moses from the Nile and secretly took care of him.


  1. Ayeh (آیه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Ayeh means a sign and refers to the verses of the Quran.


  1. Basira (بصیرا)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Basira is a wise, insightful, and knowledgeable lady.


  1. Batool (بتول)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Batool is an indirect Quranic name for females that means “ascetic,” “devoted to God,” and “pious lady.”   In the Christian religion, it refers to Mary/Maryam, the mother of the Prophet Jesus, while Muslims, both Sunni and Shiite, use it as a reference to Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, like an epithet.


  1. Basmeh (بسمه)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Basmeh is a variation of Basma, which is a Hebrew name for girls that means “pleasant,” “joyful,” and “cheerful.” The literal meaning of the word is “one who smiles.” Basma was the daughter of Prophet Ishmael.


  1. Talia (تالیا)

Origin: Arabic-Hebrew

Meaning: Talia means the second daughter. A girl who recites Quran is called Talia. In Hebrew, it’s a female name of Hebrew origin that means “soft dew from heaven; the water. It’s a reference to God in the Hebrew language. Talia was one of ten angels that attended the sun every day in the mythology of one ancient faith.


  1. Tamara (تامارا)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Tamara is a female name derived from the biblical term “Tamar.” Both in Hebrew and Arabic, it means the date fruit or palm tree.


  1. Tasnim (تسنیم)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Tasnim is a fountain in paradise.


  1. Sana (ثنا)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Sana means praising and thanking God. Sana is a girl who is grateful for God’s blessings.


  1. Jamileh (جمیله)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Jamileh means a pretty and beautiful girl.


  1. Hasna (حسنا)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Hasna is a beautiful and pretty-face lady.


  1. Holma (حلما)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Holma is a patient girl.


  1. Habibeh (حبیبه)

Origin: Arabic-Persian

Meaning: Habibeh means a loved girl, beloved.


  1. Fatemeh (فاطمه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Fatemeh is the most widespread girl name in Iran. In other countries, such as western countries, Fatemeh is known as Fatima.


  1. Halimeh (حلیمه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Halimeh means a patient girl. Halimeh is a girl who tries to stay tough facing calamities.


  1. Hamideh (حمیده)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Hamideh means a pleasant woman. Hamideh was the mother of Imam Kazem.


  1. Hava (حوا)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Life. Hava or Eva was the first female on the Earth.


  1. Khadijeh (خدیجه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Khadijeh, as a female name, has Arabic roots. The definition of Khadijeh is “early birth; trustworthy, revered and loved.” It has a connection to the name Khadija, which was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s first wife.


  1. Dina (دینا)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Dina was the sister of Prophet Joseph. Dina is predominantly a female name of Hebrew origin that means “God Has Judged.” In addition to Adena and Dinah’s Hebrew names, Dina is related to the Old English name Dena and the Old German and French names Geraldine.


  1. Rahil (راحیل)

Origin: Arabic-Hebrew

Meaning: Rahil is a feminine name derived from the Hebrew name Rachel. The meaning of Rahil is a ewe and female lamb. In Islam, it refers to someone who paves the path, a traveler, a pathfinder, and a guide.


  1. Razieh (راضیه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Although it’s an Arabic-originated name, it has long been a choice for parents. Razieh refers to a girl who is happy with what she has.


  1. Rezvaneh (رضوانه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Rezvaneh is a girl belonging to heaven. It also refers to a beautiful lady.


  1. Roghayeh (رقیه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Pray. Roghayeh was the daughter of Imam Hussain.


  1. Reyhaneh (ریحانه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Reyhaneh was the mother of Imam Reza. Reyhaneh is a variation of Rihanna with the same meaning. Reyhaneh is an indirect Quran name that translates as “pleasant smell” or “fragrance.”


  1. Zakyeh (زکیه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Zakyeh is a spelling variation of Zakiya, and both words signify the same meaning. Zakyeh is a direct name of the Quran that means “pure, innocent, uncontaminated,” “having a lovely aroma,” and “having an unblemished complexion.”


  1. Zoleikha (زلیخا)

Origin: Arabic-Persian

Meaning: Zoleikha is a brilliantly beautiful woman. Zoleikha is a variation of Zuleika that has the same meaning.


  1. Zahra (زهرا)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Sun, light. Zahra was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.


  1. Zeynab (زینب)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Zaynab was the name of the daughter and two spouses of the Prophet Muhammad, who were all mentioned in the Quran.


  1. Sama (سما)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: The sky.


  1. Somayeh (سمیه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Somayeh is an Arabic word that means “above everything” and “dignified” in Persian.


  1. Sajedeh (ساجده)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Sajedeh is a spelling variation of Sajida. It’s an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “one who prostrates,” “one who is an ardent worshiper of Allah.”


  1. Sara (سارا)

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Sara means princess or noblewoman. Sarah is the first well-known woman in the Bible, appearing as Abraham’s wife in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Generally speaking, Sara and Sarah are pronounced in the same way.


  1. Saba (سبا)

Origin: Hebrew-Arabic

Meaning: Saba is a female name that derives from the Hebrew and Arabic languages and means “from Sheba or morning.” Saba, the queen of Sheba, is described as wealthy and extravagant in the Bible.


  1. Soudeh (سوده)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Souden was one of the Prophet Muhammad’s wives.


  1. Sedigheh (صدیقه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Sedigheh was the epithet of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter.


  1. Saboura (صبورا)

Origin: Arabic-Persian

Meaning: Saboura means a patient girl who stays strong facing problems. Saboura is one of the most beautiful Persian Muslim girl names in Iran.


  1. Tayebeh (طیبه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: It means a neat and clean lady.


  1. Tahereh (طاهره)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Tahereh means a pious woman who avoids sin.


  1. Ayesheh (عایشه)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Ayesheh means a lively and happy woman. Ayesheh was the wife of Prophet Muhammad.


  1. Kosar (کوثر)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Kosar is a fountain in heaven. It’s also a sura in Quran about Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Fatemeh.



In this article, we compiled 50 Persian Muslim girl names for you. Many of these names have long been in the Persian language that most people forgot their origins.


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