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6 Top Persian Gulf Beaches

Date:2022-07-09 Category: travel
kish island beaches

It’s safe to say that Persian gulf beaches are one of Iran’s most common tourist attractions. In addition to its historical and architectural landmarks, Iran is a popular destination for travelers who like to relax on the golden (or even red) sands of the Middle Eastern beaches or swim in the glittering waters of the Persian Gulf or the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea to the north and the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea to the south surround Iran, so the nation has many fascinating and gorgeous beaches in the north and south, each with its distinctive delights for eager travelers who take an Iran trip. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Persian Gulf beaches.


The Fascinating Persian Gulf Beaches

The southern region of Iran is renowned as a destination for beach lovers due to its proximity to almost 3500 kilometers of coastline. Nature, pristine beaches, historic landmarks, and friendly locals await visitors in every city and town along the Persian Gulf. Among the top ports on the Persian Gulf are Kish, Gheshm, Hormuz, and Bandar Abbas. These are just a few of the numerous options you’ll find. Here’s the list of the most beautiful Persian Gulf beaches.


  1. Kangan Port (بندر کنگان)


You can see white sand beaches all around the city of Kangan. If you go to Kangan at any time of the year, you will always be able to discover a spot that is just right for you. Besides its gorgeous beaches, the residents are another reason for you to visit there since they’re renowned for their warmth and trustworthiness. The majority of people that live in Kangan are fishermen; they bring their daily catches to sell to visitors as delicious seafood.


  1. Hengam Island Beach (ساحل جزیره هنگام)

Silver Beach

In the south of Iran, the Hengam Beach, which many consider Iran’s most spectacular beach, constantly welcomes visitors who come to see dolphins and enjoy the surrounding waters. Hengam Beach is also renowned as “Silver Beach” because the plankton produces a unique vision of the ocean when the wave hits the beach and the light shines on them. The best way to go to this beach in Iran is to fly to Bandar Abbas first and then take a boat to Hengam Island from there.


  1. Red Beach (ساحل قرمز)

The Red Beach

One of the most remarkable islands in Iran is Hormuz, and it’s easy to see why. You can find  Hormuz Island in the middle of the other islands in the Persian Gulf, renowned as the rainbow one. Hormuz is not only an island; rather, it is a place filled with marvels and a red island that has sprung from the ocean. To go to the red beach on Hormuz Island, you must first travel to BandarAbbas. The presence of one element is responsible for all of the many hues that you can see along the shore of Hormoz Island. This element is iron oxide, which researchers found in almost seventy percent of the island’s red soil. As a result, the soil has changed color in this manner. Hormoz Island is famous for being home to one of the biggest red soil mines in the whole world.


  1. Turtle Island (جزیره لاکپشت)

Turtle Island

There are sea turtles and rare eagle muzzle turtles that come to the Persian Gulf beaches to deposit their eggs between the middle of March and the end of June. The village of Shib Deraz and its broad beaches are the site of the presence of sea turtles and eagle muzzle turtles in Iran. After two months of depositing eggs in the soil and making their way towards the moonlight reflected in the water, each female turtle will dig a hole to bury around 300 eggs during each mating season. This process takes place in three phases and lasts for twenty days. The eagle-muzzled turtle is an endangered species in danger of becoming extinct. Observing the turtles excavating a hole and then hatching and seeing their little young turtles emerge from the egg is an Eco-tourism destination on Qeshm island.


  1. Siraf Port (بندر سیراف)

Siraf Port

The history of Siraf may be traced back to the Sassanid Period, making it an ancient town. Now one of the most well-known Persian Gulf beaches, Siraf was once the hub of marine trade in southern Iran and served as the region’s gate to the rest of the world. There are many things to appreciate in Siraf port: magnificent Mediterranean beaches, ancient architecture, glorious temples and mosques, and hospitable local people. Make sure to ask your tour guide to take you to “Lir valley.” There you may locate an incredible antique cemetery with ancient ossuaries.


  1. Kish beach Island (ساحل جزیره کیش)

kish island beaches

It would not be an exaggeration to argue that the beaches on Kish are among the most beautiful Persian gulf beaches. You should think about going on vacation to Kish Island for several reasons, including the beautiful coral beaches, the crystal-clear blue waters, the breathtaking horizon views, and the intriguing marine life. In addition to these natural wonders, the beaches of Kish offer visitors a diverse selection of other things to do, ranging from shopping to participating in various water sports.


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