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8 Best Iranian Websites for cracked Software Download

Date:2022-02-13 Category: other
soft98 site

8 Best Iranian Websites for cracked Software Download

There are many Iranian websites for cracked software download on the internet to get expensive software for free. But why is this so? Because usually, Iranians can’t buy the original software because of sanctions. Sites that provide free software can include viruses. When seeking free software downloads, you may rely on the following Iranian websites for software download that are entirely secure.


What Are the Best Iranian Websites for Software Download?

Even if there are several websites where you may download free or cracked software, not all are secure. Numerous websites exploit people searching for free downloads by bombarding them with dangerous advertisements, viruses, and even modified files. However, although effective antivirus software will protect you from the worst websites, it’s preferable to avoid suspicious free download sites entirely and instead rely on reputable Iranian websites for software download. That’s why in this article, we’re going to introduce you to the eight best Iranian websites for software download, which are safe.


  1. Soft98 (سافت 98)

soft98 site

Software download site Soft98 is undoubtedly the most renowned software download website in Iran. Founded in 2011, the Soft98 site has become one of the most popular software download destinations on the internet. There are more than 4500 software applications on this site, all of which are in different subjects and are available in various versions. The vast majority of the software programs that Soft 98 puts into its website are free of problems because they test the software before posting them. Forums and Query are available dedicated for each software, where users may report software problems.   Soft 98 usually loads software links in two different methods (main and auxiliary links) to avoid potential faults and mistakes in the server loading process. Soft98 supplies users with a wide range of free software since the sanctions make it hard for Iranians to supply original copies of various software.


  1. (دانلودها)

downlodha site

The second best website among Iranian websites for software download is Downloadha. The Downloadha website is one of Iran’s oldest and best software download sites, having started its professional activity in 2006. It currently has more than 70,000 posts in various software and video fields on its site. The presence of guiding software files and the simple and quick categorization available on this website are two of the site’s distinguishing characteristics. The Downloadha website has introduced the option to download movies to its site in addition to applications, games, and mobile phone software to draw in more users.


  1. Sarzamindownload (سرزمین دانلود)

sarzamindownlod site

There is a long list of applications available on the first page of this site. It’s also possible to read articles and learn about the latest developments in the technological industry. To determine whether or not to download the software, you may use the search bar to look for relevant subjects and related articles. There are a lot of free apps on this site. According to its managers, easy access to software and, of course, thorough instruction in the use of technological resources are the goals of this website.


Why Sarzamindownload?

There is a lot of helpful information on Sarzamindownload site, including descriptions of each software and instructions for installing it. This website’s user-friendly and elegant design makes it simple for users to find the applications they need. This website has added an entertainment and games area to its list of appealing features. It’s worth noting that this site has a VIP section with technical information, and you can access it by signing up and paying for it.


  1. Yasdl (یاس دانلود)

yasdl site

Actually, the Yasdl website is a top-notch software supplier for Iranians. From the most recent Windows Server software to the newest games, this website has it all!. Yasdl has a whole area devoted to new animations, so you should visit this site if you like that. In Yasdl, you may find anything from wallpapers and graphic components to instructional and entertaining video clips, e-books, articles, and of course, software. This site has a lot to offer, and you’ll find yourself spending hours there because you will find many attractive features.


  1. Downloadsoftware  (دانلود سافت ور)

downlodsoftware site

One of the best Iranian websites for software download is Downloadsoftware. If you visit this website, you will probably spend hours on it because there are lots of features on this website that you can find. All free! At Downloadsoftware, you may find a wide range of free programs to download, each with a comprehensive explanation. As an alternative to the product guides for mobile and Mac desktop devices and the ability to pick and get acquainted with the software, the instructional area is where you may get assistance with your interests. Those interested in photography, for example, may make use of a variety of resources, such as software and films, under the category of photography training to develop their talents in this area. There is no need to buy most of the software or training tools available on this website.


  1.  (دانلود) site

Here is another website for downloading free software. Similar to other Iranian websites for software download, site provides a wide range of offers for its users. When you enter the website, you will encounter many attractive options such as free games, software, books, animations, movies, series, and even tutorial videos.


Attractive Features

Users can download all kinds of movies, especially Hollywood movies free with different qualities. It’s noteworthy to mention that films and series have Persian subtitles, so Iranians don’t have to spend time searching for Persian subtitles separately. also provides a detailed description for each of the software. In, you can also download software and games for your cell phone if it’s an android. One particular feature of this website is that you can send your request, criticizes, or a job resume. On this website, customers can ask administrators what to post or report the link problems to them.


  1. Patoghu (پاتوق یو)


The Patoghu website is also one of the oldest Iranian websites for software download, and it has shown to be just as successful as its rivals throughout the years, if not better. The most delicate aspect of this website is the direct download of software for free, which is accompanied by a thorough description. A full explanation of the program and a guide to how to install the software are two other highlights of this website.  Another exciting section of this site is the ability to download music, movies, and a wide variety of video games. Also, in patoghu, users can download cell phone software, games, or even tutorial books, and you can easily access different sections because of easy categorization.


  1. P30download (پی سی دانلود)

p3downlod site

P30download is among the well-known Iranian websites for software download. As a result of the website’s easy-to-navigate map and broad categories, and its extensive software bank, it has become one of the well-known Iranian websites for software download. A detailed and comprehensive explanation of each software assists users in selecting the most appropriate software for their requirements. You may download the most recent version of the software for each operating system from P30download based on your requirements. One of the website’s shortcomings is the absence of specific question and answer forums for each software program.


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