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9 Tips for learning Persian (Farsi)

by faezeh nobakht
9 Tips for learning Persian (Farsi)

9 Tips for learning Persian (Farsi)

If you’re learning Persian and you’re not progressing as fast as you expected, don’t worry; you just need some tips on learning Farsi. Persian is not as difficult as one may think. Modern-day Iran, sections of Afghanistan, and the Central Asian nation of Tajikistan are all home to the Persian language, which is known as Farsi among native Iranian speakers.

There are significant minority groups in other Middle Eastern nations (Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates), along with considerable communities in Europe, Turkey, Australia, the United States, and Canada. When compared to the other main languages of the Middle East and certain European languages, Persian is comparatively straightforward for English-speaking individuals to learn, and it’s popular for being incredibly melodious and pleasant to listen to. Continue reading this article to acquire some helpful hints for learning Persian.


How To Learn Farsi in 30 Days?

We all want to learn languages as quickly as possible, but learning Persian, or other languages in general, is a lengthy process that requires patience on your part to be successful. In other words, can you really expect to master a foreign language in thirty days? The answer is that it’s possible to learn certain components of a language in 30 days; but is it possible to significantly improve your language skills in 30 days? Yes, of course. That’s why we have included some useful tips for learning Farsi in 30 days.

  1. Make Friends with Persian Speakers

You probably have heard that one hour of discussion with persons who are better than you is the “secret” or “trick” to learning a foreign language such as Persian. It’s equivalent to five hours of classroom instruction or ten hours of self-study. Several reasons are there for this. The first is a sense of motivation. Second, you’ll be significantly more involved in talking with a native person in front of you than you will be communicating with a book or audio software on your computer, regardless of how fantastic your study guide may be. Persians are warm and friendly people who like socializing with foreigners. You should be certain that they will welcome you and assist you in learning Farsi. If you want to improve your skills in Farsi, you can count on Iranians’ help to a great extent.


  1. Set Goals

When learning Persian for the first time, you should set short and long-term goals for yourself. This will help you stay on track. These goals might assist you in putting structure and direction into your educational endeavors. Having an in-depth discussion with a native speaker of Persian might be your ultimate long-term objective. On the other hand, you need a short-term goal of acquiring some particular, relevant terminology to get there. Including time constraints in your learning objectives might help you stay on track and motivated.


  1. Learn the Most Essential Vocabularies

You might have heard that native speakers, according to some research, are familiar with between 15,000 to 20,000-word families. This research refers to a base term and all of its variations. According to this research, knowing the most frequent 800–1,000 root words and variants can allow you to learn to speak a language rapidly and successfully in a short time. This fact is also true for learning Persian. In other words, if you’re struggling to figure out how to learn Persian, acquiring some basic terminology might be a good place to start. This may assist you in rapidly increasing your knowledge in day-to-day situations, enabling you to participate in and follow simple discussions more successfully.


  1. Watch Persian Movies

After all, movies aren’t merely for amusement purposes. They also provide you with a cultural education that enhances your ability to comprehend the Persian language. Aside from that, movies expose you to a more natural version of the language or country. Movies are full of actual terminology and slang. they educate you to make connections between words and their corresponding body language. Learning Persian requires more than simply rote knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical rules; it also requires active participation. Only when you approach movies in the proper manner will they prove to be an excellent learning source for you.


  1. Study Efficiently

When it comes to acquiring new vocabulary in the Persian language, using the most effective study approaches can help you progress more quickly. When learning vocabulary, using Persian flashcards, for example, is one of the most effective methods. Effective practice accelerates the process of mastery even more.


  1. Study Daily

When it comes to Persian language acquisition, it’s not just the length of time spent studying that matters, but also the frequency, which you should care about. Making time every day for language study guarantees that it will become a part of your everyday routine. As a result, consistency is essential.


  1. Learn Persian Culture

Language comprehension entails more than just understanding the written words. For a new learner, culture and traditions linked with terminology are crucial. In the case of studying Persian or other Middle Eastern languages, this factor becomes far more vital. It may be very beneficial to have some knowledge about Iran’s culture, history, current events, Islamic beliefs, and accepted practices to better comprehend what Iranians say and do.


  1. Read Persian Literature

Do you know how the first Englishmen learned Persian? The answer might be strange, but they learned Farsi through Persian literature and poetry. Iran is home to great artists, poets, and writers. So, if you’re learning Persian, don’t forget about its literature.


  1. Be Open to New Challenges

The struggle to remain motivated when learning Persian is similar to the struggle to acquire any new skill. It’s important to set reasonable goals, but you should also try to push yourself to reach the next level, whether that’s watching an entire episode of a Persian show without subtitles or passing a test.


Learning Persian Online

As the number of people using the internet grows, there are an increasing number of websites that provide free Persian language instruction. Some of the websites for learning Persian online are listed below.

  1. italki


It’s an online language learning platform that uses video chat to link language learners with language instructors around the world. Students may discover online tutors for one-on-one tutoring, while instructors can make money by working as freelance tutors via the website. The good news is that you can find many professional Persian teachers on italki.


  1. Easypersian

easy persian

Easypersian is a free website where you can learn Farsi step-by-step from the elementary level. Easy Persian is a website that provides online classes in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Farsi. Easy Persian is a fully free source for you if you’re seeking comprehensive online classes to learn Persian.


  1. Persianlanguageonline

persian online

Anyone interested in learning the Persian language may benefit from this comprehensive resource, which is available free. If you’re an elementary-level student or a fluent speaker, this website is for you!


Is It Difficult To Learn Persian?

If you look at it in terms of formal grammar, Persian is a very straightforward language. Gender, noun inflection, adjectival agreement, and irregular verb conjugation are all absent in this language. Even yet, Persian’s syntax and idiomatic complexity make up for the absence of inflection. A solid, fundamental basis in the language, on the other hand, will allow you to progressively broaden and deepen your understanding of Persian while also appreciating the ornamented vernacular employed by all Persian speakers.



Learning Persian is a valuable task, but it’s not one that you should take in haste. There are many hours of study ahead of you. Making the effort to create objectives, acquire terminology, and practice with native speakers may all help you enhance your knowledge and abilities. It might be beneficial in both your personal and professional life to learn Farsi. In this essay, we have provided nine strategies for learning Persian.

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