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All About School Dress Code in Iran

Date:2022-05-29 Category: other
School Dress Code

As you might know, Iran is an Islamic country where women have to wear Hijab. Fashion is different in Iran from other parts of the world; this is also true of the school dress code in Iran. Colors, materials, and styles vary in contemporary Iranian fashion. The scarf, manteau, pants (often denim), and shoes or sandals form the foundation of the outfit of Iranian girls in the street. However, the school code is different. If you want to know more about school fashion in Iran, keep reading this article.


What Is the School Dress Code in Iran?School Dress Codeschool dress

Male should wear simple and common outfits for school, including a decent shirt and trousers, the color can be different according to each school. On the other hand school dress code in Iran for girls is more challenging, comfortable, and appropriate Manteaus (length dresses typically in Iran), and pants are necessary for girls. Female students are required to wear Maghnaee (a kind of educational head hijab) that covers their whole head and neck. Students must wear socks at all times while in class. In educational situations, Students need to button up Manteaus and shirts all of the time, and girls should not wear make-up to school. It might be interesting to know that schools in Iran are separated by gender. Even though there is no man in the girls’ school, they can’t stay without Hijab. Even during the Covid pandemic, when online classes were prevalent, girls had to upload photos with Hijan on their profiles! According to the News, “There are concerns among parents in Iran about the pressure schools put on girls to wear a headscarf on their social media accounts such as WhatsApp, used widely because of the recent coronavirus outbreak.”


School Rules in IranSchool Dress

Iran’s educational system enjoys two basic levels: primary and secondary education. Primary education is the first level of education in Iran. All children spend the first six years of their lives in primary school, from the ages of six to twelve, and the last six years of their life in high school, from the ages of twelve to eighteen. Iran requires all children to complete primary education. There are several free public schools and many private schools with high tuition costs to choose from. Iranian schools are most strict about respecting the perfect school uniform. Iranian schools ask students to be on time for school and strictly need students to respect teachers. One unusual regulation of the school dress code in Iran for guys to observe is that they should not have long hair; the school council frowned upon long hair on boys.



After Mahsa Amini was killed by the police in Iran for not following the hijab laws, protests against the mandatory hijab started all over Iran and the world, which led to the launch of the Freedom Women’s Campaign. In November 2022, many Iranian women will be seen on the streets of Iran without the mandatory hijab


Iran Clothing LawsIran Dresseschador

Women were required to wear long chadors to cover their hair and neck at the beginning of the first years of the Iranian revolution in 1979. Chadors, which are long pieces of cloth that wrap the whole person’s entire body, were necessary for all women. Chadors were typically made of black material, other regions, such as Varzaneh and Abiyaneh, utilized white fabric for their Chadors to shield themselves from the excessive heat. As time passed, fashion changed in Iran; Hijabs are available in a variety of styles and colors these days, such as Manteaus and jeans.


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