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Babak Jahanbakhsh Chi Shodeh Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Date:2022-10-23 Category: persian music
Babak Jahanbakhsh Chi Shodeh Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Babak Jahanbakhsh Chi Shodeh Mp3 Download + Lyrics

In this post, we have prepared for you to download the song Chi Shodeh by Babak Jahanbakhsh دانلود آهنگ چی شده از بابک جهانبخش , a famous Iranian pop singer, with the best quality, along with the lyrics and its translation, so that you can listen and enjoy listening to this beautiful song.


Artist: Babak Jahanbakhsh
Album: Chi Shodeh
Released: 2010


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Babak Jahanbakhsh Chi Shodeh Mp3 Download 320



I didn’t want to lose one day like his tears
نمي خواستم مثه اشکاش، يه روز از چشاش بي افتم

I did not know that under his feet, there is a priceless and precious stone
ندونستم زيـــــر پاهــاش ، سنـگي بي قيمـت و مفـتم

My dream was to get acquainted with my being, like my soul
آ رزوم بود با وجودم ، مثه روحم آشنا شه

For the cry of my pride, the wings of flight will sound
واسه فرياد غرورم ، بــــال پرواز صدا شه

I am lost in the night of his eyes, but he knows that I love him
گم شدم تو شب چشماش ، بلکه عاشقم بدونه

For his deposit, he is not worthy anymore
واسه سر سپردگيهـــاش ، ديگـــه لايقــم بدونه

But today it is a stranger, who only laughs at me
اما امروز يه غريبه ست ، که فقط به من مي خنده

What happened to so many feelings, I will never know
چي شده اونهمه احساس ، اينو هــرگز نميدونم

I don’t want to fall in love anymore
ديگه بسمه شکستن ، نمي خوام عاشق بمونم



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