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Ebi Best Songs , Playlist Old and New

by mahbobbeh afzali
ebrahim hamedi best songs

Ebrahim Hamedi (ابراهیم حامدی) , Known as Ebi, is a legendary Persian singer. He was born on June 19, 1949, in Tehran, Iran.

He’s also famous as Master of Voice (Aghaye Seda) in Iran. This singer is so much famous that all Iranians of various generations enjoy listening to him.



He got his diploma in mathematics major. Strangely, he didn’t get any musical education for his singing career.

He believes that some senses like composing songs and writing poetry are within a human’s essence.



This well-known singer found his interest in singing from an early age. He would sing in the house for his family whenever he found a chance, he said in an interview.

When he was in elementary school, he would pleasantly recite Quran because of his rich voice. At the age of ten or eleven, the only thing he was interested in was singing.


First Performance

When he was seventeen years old, he and his friends formed a group called “sun boys.” Before Islamic Revolution, they had their first performance in Kakh Javanan (youth palace, where young people could have fun).


Black Cat Group

Shahram Shabpareh, a famous Iranian singer, enjoyed his singing in Kakh Javanan and invited him into the Black Cat group, where he sang for two years.


First Song

“Atash” was his first official song, which he sang for a movie. His second song was “Why, Why,” His third song, which led to his popularity, was “Night.”


Leaving Iran

Two years before the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he moved to the USA. He planned to live in both countries, but he couldn’t return to Iran by the Islamic Revolution.


Married Life

He married Firoozeh Meghdadi in 1975; they have three daughters called Asal, Sayeh, and Khatoun. Their marriage didn’t last, and they got divorced.

After his divorce, he met Mahshid Boroumand and married for a second time. Mahshid has a son called Farshid, who is the stepson of Ebi.


Some Facts About Ebi

  1. According to most Persian music specialists, his voice is the most powerful Persian pop voice.
  2. He is more than 70 years old, but his age didn’t stop him and his popularity.
  3. Although he had his concerts out of Iran after the Islamic Revolution, his concerts are still crowded.
  4. He has recorded over 20 albums, close to 100 songs.
  5. His height is 178 cm.


You can follow him on Instagram; his account is @ebi.


In the following, we will introduce you to the best songs of Ebi. (ahanghaye Ebi)

بهترین آهنگ های ابی





Maste cheshat

مست چشات


Gheseh Eshgh

قصه عشق





Pooste Shir

پوست شیر


Ye Mardi

یه مردی





Jabeh Javaher

جعبه جواهر


Khanoom Gol

خانم گل





Jane Javani

جان جوانی


Hamin Khoobe 

همین خوبه


In Akharin Bare

این آخرین باره


Ey Yar Begoo

ای یار بگو


Medad Rangi

مداد رنگی


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