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Farsi Numbers in Word Microsoft Office

Date:2022-02-26 Category: other

Farsi Numbers in Microsoft Word Office

One of the difficulties that users have while producing Persian material is the creation of Farsi numbers in Word. Writing Persian numbers in Word for papers, articles, and dissertations with specific writing guidelines is an example of how important it is for Persian speakers to learn to write Persian numbers in Microsoft Word. Learning to write Persian numbers in Microsoft Word is one of the most important tutorials for writing Persian texts. You may have run into the problem many times where numbers in Word are still in Latin despite switching the keyboard language to Persian. Fortunately, to write Persian numbers in Microsoft Word, you can change the language of Word from Latin to Persian or vice versa using the Settings menu. Read this article to the end to learn how to write Persian numbers in Microsoft Word.


Is There the Possibility of Writing Farsi Numbers in Word?

Microsoft supports the Persian language and gives its customers features that allow them to make the most of Microsoft products like Word, Excel, and other programs connected to Microsoft. So, It’s possible to write Farsi numbers in Word. Sometimes you may have encountered the fact that numbers are typed in English when writing a Persian text and the question arises as to how you can convert English numbers to Persian in Word? The good news is that this issue has a solution in the Word settings, and once done, it will be permanently. In the following, we’ll walk you through the process of changing Farsi numbers from English to Persian in Word.


How Do You Write Persian Numbers in Word?

In order to write Persian numbers in Microsoft Word, you must first go via the Word’s Settings. So, do the following steps.

From the menu at the top of the page, click on the File.

Farsi Numbers in Microsoft Word Office

In the window that opens, select Options.

Farsi Numbers in Microsoft Word Office

In the Word Options window, click Advanced from the left menu.

Farsi Numbers in Microsoft Word Office

Then scroll to find the Show Document Content section.

Farsi Numbers in Microsoft Word Office

Now, You need to click on the option Numeral of the box.

Farsi Numbers in Microsoft Word Office

Now you will face four different options, each of which has unique features. These four options are:

  • A) Arabic: If you select this option, you specify that the numbers be displayed in Latin, which is the default.
  • B) Hindi: By selecting this option, you determine that the numbers will be Persian in all texts.
  • C) Content: If you want to use Persian numbers in Persian texts and Latin numbers in English texts, you need to select this option. This option is the best one.
  • D) System: If you select this option, the language of numbers in Word will depend on the language of your system.

We recommend you choose the “Content” option then click on Ok.

  1. Done!

Note: When entering or writing Farsi numbers in Word, some users may not have any problems; nevertheless, when opening a Word file on another system or sending it to someone, the numbers are shown in Latin. The answer is to make the necessary configurations on the destination computer for the numbers to appear appropriately.


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