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Farsi Phrases Funny , Funny Persian Idioms

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Farsi Phrases Funny , Funny Persian Idioms

Farsi phrases funny and jokes are so common in Iran that people even use them at official meetings, gatherings, and news conferences. Most Farsi phrases funny are the ones you will find weird and make no sense when you hear them for the first time. One interesting point about Farsi phrases funny is that they’re culturally related expressions or are used more in some regions of Iran. This article will introduce you to some of the most widespread Farsi phrases funny, which are those expressions you hear a lot in Iran.


What Are Farsi Phrases Funny?

The Farsi phrases funny you’re about to learn in this article are impossible to translate literally; however, for you to learn these expressions, you need to be more aware of the context Iranians use them. Don’t forget that you will sound more native-like by using these Farsi phrases funny.

  1. Ba Namak (بانمک)

Literally, this Farsi phrases funny means “Salty.” When Persians want to tell somebody that they’re funny, they tell them “Ba Namak.” Ba Namak has other usages as well, like when somebody is cute; they also use it ironically when they want to tell somebody they’re not funny. To understand which one is “funny or not funny,” they mean, you should pay attention to their tone, situation, and the way they tell it.


  1. Jat Khali (جات خالی)

The phrase means, “You were missed.”  When you talk about a pleasurable event, but the person you are speaking with was not there, you must let them know they were missed. This way, they’ll know you were thinking about them and that it would have been better if they’d been present. Another way of stating this is Jat Sabze, which literally means “your spot is green,” or green grass growing where you were absent. This expression signifies the same exact thing as jat khali.


  1. Daste Shoma Dard Nakone (دست شما درد نکنه)

Literally, it means “your hand may not hurt.” If you go to Iran or meet an Iranian, you’re going to hear these Farsi phrases funny many times. Persians use this expression when they want to thank somebody. You may use it to show thanks when you get a gift, any type of help from someone, or even when somebody cooks you a meal.


  1. Ghadam Roye Cheshm (قدم روی چشم)

Literally, it means “setting foot on somebody’s eyes.” Iranians use this expression when they want to be polite to their guests. For more clarification, consider the following example:

A) thank you for your great party, it was really fun!

B) Ghorbunet Beram (a way of saying thanks!) Ghadam Roye Cheshm ma gozashti! (You have set your foot on our eyes.)

What (B) in the above example is trying to say is that you’re welcome!


  1. Ghabel Nadare (قابل نداره)

If you meet an Iranian, you probably know about Taarof. What is Taarof?! Persians are very concerned with mutual respect, so they use Taarof. For example, if you wish to walk through a door with an Iranian, he would not go first; instead, he would tell you: “you first, please.” Ghabel Nadare is a taarof which literally means “it’s not worthy of you.” Just before you hand over your money, the salesperson will say Ghabel Nadare and refuse to accept your payment, although he likes to take the money!


What Are the Persian Sayings About Love?

Some Persian sayings about love are among Farsi phrases funny. The most important feature about these expressions is that they’re impossible to translate literally. That’s why we will explain them thoroughly.

  1. Jigareto Bokhoram (جیگرتو بخورم)

In Farsi, this is one of the best Farsi phrases funny that Persians use to make an adorable remark. It signifies something along the lines of “I love you” or “I’ll go to any length for you.” You may say it to a partner, a friend, or a family member, but only to someone with whom you have a deep emotional connection. Actually, it’s a means of showing a great deal of affection. Its literal translation is “let me eat your liver.”


  1. Jigare Mani (جیگر منی)

This expression is another term for endearment; its literal translation is “you’re my liver.” When Persians want to express their affection for their loved ones, they say “Jigare Mani.” Which is like, “You are my heart.”


  1. Doret Begardam (دورت بگردم)

Have you ever loved somebody that you feel like worshiping them? When somebody loves their partner extremely in Iran, they tell them “Doret Begardam.” “Doret Begardam” is among those Farsi phrases funny that indicate love. This phrase represents the emotions of love that a person has for another person.


  1. Hava Do Nafare Ast (هوا دونفره است)

The literal translation of this expression is “the weather is appropriate for two persons.” As you know, lovers are more likely to hold hands while walking when it’s raining. The rainy weather is famous as the lover’s weather. So, when it’s raining, people in Iran say Hava Do Nafare Ast! The weather is appropriate for a couple. The thought of walking down the street with your partner in the rain brings up romantic ideas. Because of this, when it’s a cloudy and rainy day in Iran, it’s common to hear the expression “Hava Do Nafare ast.”


  1. Havato Daram (هواتو دارم)

Its literal meaning is “I protect your air.” Whenever Persians try to soothe someone or demonstrate their concern for them, they say this statement. Just as when you tell a buddy, “I got you,” when they’re panicking about finding employment or what’s on a test, it’s the same concept. If you want to convey to a Persian that you have their best interests at heart, just inform them that you have their air; they will be grateful. “Havatoh Daram” is the Persian expression meaning “watching out for someone.” One of the sweetest expressions you can tell to your Persian girlfriend/boyfriend is “Havato Daram.” Isn’t it the best feeling to know somebody is there for you?!


What Are Funny Persian Curse Words?

In any language, there are many curse words. In Persian, you can find many funny Persian curse words. In the following, we provided some Persian insults.

  1. Zahreh Mar (زهر مار)

Actually, Zahreh Mar means snake poison. Persians use Zahre Mar when they’re angry. They usually reply while screaming Zahre Mar when they don’t like what the other person said. It’s a kind of telling the other person to shut up!


  1. Koft (کوفت)

It’s a funny Persian curse word that Iranians use when they want to say to somebody they’re not funny and shut up! Koft has a majority of meanings and variations. In ancient times, people would call syphilis Koft! Still, today, when people are angry, they say “Koft Begiri,” which means “I hope you suffer from syphilis.”


  1. Oskol (اسکل)

Oskol refers to a supid person. So, when Persians want to refer to a person as stupid or silly, they say, “He’s Oskol.” (He’s foolish).” Oskol has many variations like “Oskol Shodam,” which means I made a stupid mistake. Another variation is “Oskol Kardi Maro?” which means: Are you messing with us?! Often, close friends refer to each other as Oskol when they’re trying to mess with their friends over their small mistakes.


  1. Pedar Sokhteh (پدرسوخته)

When Persians want to refer to a person who is mean or does anything to reach his goals, they use the expression “Pedar Sokhteh.” Its literal meaning is a burnt father! Or, it’s referring to someone whose father has been burning in hell. Sometimes, elders use it to refer to playful kids. Remember that it’s funny to use these Persian curse words to close friends but never use them while talking to strangers or elders! So rude!


What Are Persian Sayings About Friendships?

You know that the way friends talk together varies significantly from how they talk to strangers or others; this fact is also true about Iranians; so, we provided the most widespread Persian sayings about friendships which are among Farsi phrases funny.

  1. Damet Garm (دمت گرم)

Literally, it means “May your breath be warm.” It’s a slang term that means “thank you” in a friendly manner. Persians use this phrase when someone has done something beneficial for them and want to express their gratitude to him in a friendly manner.


  1. Chakeram (چاکرم)

“Chakeram” is a way of saying thank you in a friendly way. To convey your friendship to somebody in an informal manner, you can use this expression; it’s typical to use this phrase at the beginning or end of the conversation. “Chakeram” is the combination of the words “Chaker” and “am” In Persian. The term “Chaker” refers to a servant, while the word “am” refers to the verb to be. The literal meaning of the phrase is: I am your servant!


  1. Mokhlesam (مخلصم)

Another expression to show respect to friends is “Mokhlesam.” “Mokhles” refers to somebody willing to do anything for a person, and “am” is a verb form. So, the literal meaning is “I am your servant.”



There are many Farsi phrases funny that are impossible to translate literally in other languages. The expressions we represented in this article are challenging to learn, but don’t get disappointed because as you practice these expressions more with natives, you will get better.


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