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Khodahafez Ehsan Khaje Amiri Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Date:2022-10-31 Category: persian music
khodahafez ehsan khaje amiri

Khodahafez Ehsan Khaje Amiri Mp3 Download + Lyrics

In this post, we have prepared for you to download the song Khodahafez by Ehsan Khaje Amiri دانلود آهنگ خداحافظ از احسان خواجه امیری , a famous Iranian pop singer, with the best quality, along with the lyrics and its translation, so that you can listen and enjoy this beautiful music.

Artists: Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, Fazlollah Tavakkol
Album: Mano Baba
Released: 2004


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Khodahafez Ehsan Khaje Amiri Mp3 Download 320



خداحافظ برای تو چه آسان بود
ولی قلب من از این واژه لرزان بود
خداحافظ برای تو رهایی داشت
برای من غم تلخ جدایی داشت
خداحافظ طلوع من غروب من
خداحافظ تو ای محبوب خوب من

How easy was it for you to say goodbye?
But my heart was shaking from this word
Goodbye was a release for you
For me, there was a bitter sadness of separation
Goodbye, my sunrise, my sunset
Goodbye, my good beloved

سلام تو طلوع پاک شبنم بود
غروب ظلمت تاریکی وغم بود
سلام تو شروع آشناییها
نوید مهربانی ها زمان همزبانیها
دریغ از قطره های اشک سوزانم که از بیداد تو بر رخ چکیده

Hello, you were a pure dew
The evening was dark and gloomy
Hello, you are at the beginning of dating
The promise of kindness in the time of co-speakers
I’m sorry for the burning tears that dripped from your rage

خزان زندگی آمد دل افسرده بعد از تو بهاری را ندیده

The fall of life has come, the depressed heart has not seen spring after you



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