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Mehran Modiri Biography , Series and Movies

Date:2021-12-11 Category: biography
Mehran Modiri Biography , Series and Movies

Mehran Modiri Biography , Series and Movies

Mehran Modiri was born on April 7, 1967, in Tehran, Iran, and is a well-known Iranian actor, director, producer, and singer.

He’s one of those celebrities with whom almost everyone in Iran is familiar, whether through his films or television shows. Follow us through this article to find out how he became significantly famous in Iran.

Mehran Modiri’s Family

Mehran Modiri, whose family is from Arak, is the family’s final child and has two older brothers.

His father worked for the Ministry of Energy, while his mother was a stay-at-home mom. One of his brothers is a professional pianist, and the other lives in Sweden as a painter.


Modiri wasn’t a particularly playful child, but he was courageous to learn more, especially from his brother’s painting books.

He had his first theatre experience in elementary school, and his outstanding performance demonstrated that art runs in his veins.

How Tall is Mehran Modiri?

Modiri is 1.76 CM.

Modiri in Theatre and Radio

Modiri in Theatre and Radio

Mehran began professional theatre at the age of 16 under the guidance of directors such as Ghotbeddin Sadeghi and Michael Shahrestani. He then went into radio six years later.

He hosted a radio program called “Dastaneh Shab,” or “The Night Stories,” for six years in addition to performing in theatre.


Mehran Modiri's Family

He married when he was 23 years old, and he now has two children: a boy named Farhad and a girl named Shahrzad.

His wife has a bachelor’s degree in art and literature and is currently a housewife; she writes but does not publish her work.

Farhad, his son, is 30 years old and has graduated from a music school in another country, and he currently leads a musician group.

Shahrzad, his 24-year-old daughter, is not interested in acting and has graduated as a fashion designer, and she has started a brand called Lorlay.


Mehran Modiri Perfume

Mehran Modiri Perfume 

Iranian brand Mehran Modiri started its activity in the field of perfume production from 2021 AD and launched its first perfume collection, which includes two pure and magnificent women’s perfumes and two pure men’s perfumes. Mehran Perfume is an interactive manager between two prominent arts; Movies and perfumes. A world of emotions in image and scent, a relationship between eyes and nose, a world of memories that come alive at any moment by seeing an image or inhaling a scent. Film and perfume capture both moments and bring back memories and experiences of the past.

Beginning of His Career

mehran modiri

When he was 26 years old, he made his debut on television in a series called “Nowruz of 72.”

He became famous in 1993 after appearing in “Flight No. 57,” in which he was both a director and an actor. Then, a year later, after appearing in “Joyful hour,” he reached his popularity peak.

Reza Attaran, Nader Soleimani, and Nasrollah Radesh were actors in “Flight no. 57”; they are all comedy genre superstars. Mehran Modiri is mainly known for acting in Tv series or Home videos; let’s take a look at his TV series.

Modiri in “Pavarchin”

Modiri in "Pavarchin"

Modiri worked on several comic series, including “Joyful Year,” “Nowruz of 76”, “Corpus of 77”, “Excuse Me,” “Who Are You?”, “Plaque no. 14”, “90 Nights,” “Sitcom of 80,” and “Parents’ Trouble.”

Modiri directed the series “Pavarchin” or “On Tiptoes” in 2002 and successfully attracted the public’s interest.

“Pavarchin” is about Farhad (Modiri), who moves to Tehran because of his education and then marries Mahtab. He co-stars with Javad Razavian, Mohammad-Reza Hedayati, and Sahar Zakaria.

Because it was popular and many people enjoyed watching it, “Pavarchin” brings back memories for the Iranian people.

Mehran Modiri in “Noghtechin”

Mehran Modiri in “Noghtechin”

Modiri directed “Noghtechin,” or “The Dots” in 2004, well-received by the Iranian audience.

Reza Shafiei Jam was one of the most important reasons this show got so well-known. He acted Bamshad in “Noghtechin,” and many people referred to the show itself as Bamshad, and strangely, many people still refer to Shafiei Jam as Bamshad.

Modiri was present in this series as both a director and the leading actor, playing the role of Ardalan. Saeid Pirdoost, Siamak Ansari, and Mohammad-Reza Hedayati were the stars of this show.

Modiri in “Barareh Nights”

Modiri in “Barareh Nights”

Modiri directed “Shabhaye Barareh,” or “Barareh Nights,” in 2005 and 2006. This TV series is about an imaginary village called Barareh, and in each episode, something new happens to its inhabitants.

Most Iranians have either seen or heard about this television show. The term “Shabhayeh Barareh” brings back many pleasant memories in Iranian minds.

This television show included Siamak Ansari, Shaghayegh Dehghan, Mohammad Shiri, and other well-known Iranian comedians.

Modiri in Mozaffar’s Garden

Modiri in Mozaffar’s Garden

In 2007, Modiri produced the comic series Bagh Mozaffar, which drew a considerable following but was not as successful as Barareh Nights.

The series’ plot is around two Khans who live in the same garden and encounter troubles due to different opinions, which adds to the show’s appeal.

Besides directing, Modiri acted as Mozaffar Khan, who had two children. Siamak Ansari and Sahar Jafari Jozani acted as his children.

Modiri in “Man of Many Many Faces”

In 2009, Modiri directed “Man of Many Many Faces.”. This Tv series is followed by “The Man with a Thousand Faces,” directed by Modiri in 2008.

After directing this Tv series, he devoted most of his works to Home Tv or hosting Tv shows.

Let’s take a look at his works on Home Tv.

Modiri in “Bitter Coffee”

Modiri in "Bitter Coffee"

Mehran Modiri directed “Ghahveh Talkh,” or “Bitter Coffee,” in 2010, and it became a massive hit in Iran.

This series follows the life of Nima Zand Karimi, a history teacher who travels across time by sipping coffee and encountering amazing and funny adventures.

Siamak Ansari, Hadi Kazemi, Elika Abdolrazzaghi, and Javad Ezati were all superstars in this show.

Mehran Modiri in “Dorehami”

Dorehami mehran modiri

“Dorehami” is an Iranian talk show hosted by Mehran Modiri. “Dorehami” first aired on the Nasim channel in 2016, and it quickly gained a large audience. The show aired on April 6, 2018, with Adel Ferdosipour as the special guest.

The “Dorehami” talk show is similar to a theater, with approximately 300 people seeing each episode live.

Famous athletes and artists attend this TV show and sit down to talk with  Modiri. They also donate a gift to the Durhami Museum at the end of each episode, used for charity.

Modiri in “The Monster”

Modiri in "The Monster"

Mehran Modiri plays Kamran Kamrava in this series, in addition to directing it.

The monster tells the story of a family named Sharafat who wish to be honorable like their grandparents. Still, in today’s economic situation, it’s impossible to stay decent, and on the other hand, the new generation wants money and comfort from their family rather than honor.

Farhad Aslani, Shabnam Moghadami, Gohar Kheirandish, Sima Tirandaz and Mehran Modiri are all superstars acting in “The Monster.”

Modiri both acted and directed this home TV show.

Modiri’s Instagram

You can follow his Instagram account at @mehranmodiri; He has a following of 2 million people.

Mehran Modiri’s Movies

We provided the list of his movies, Tv series, and Home Tv shows he acted or directed in the following.


Tv Series Director Year
Advices and Admonitions Mojtaba Yassini 1972
Nowruz of 72 Dariush Kardan 1973
Flight no. 57 Mr.Modiri 1993
Joyful Hour Mr.Modiri 1994
Joyful Year Mr.Modiri 1995
Joyful Moment Mr.Modiri 1996
Nowruz of 76 Mr.Modiri 1997
Corpus of 76 Mr.Modiri 1997
Nowruz of 77 Mr.Modiri 1998
Excuse me, who are you? Mr.Modiri 1999
Plaque no. 14 Mr.Modiri 1999
90 Nights Mr.Modiri 2000
Sitcom of 80 Mr.Modiri 2001
On Tiptoes Mr.Modiri 2002
The Dots Mr.Modiri 2004
Great Award Mr.Modiri 2005
Barareh Nights Mr.Modiri 2005-2006
Mozaffar’s Garden Mr.Modiri 2007
Man of Many Faces Mr.Modiri 2008
Man of Many Many Faces Mr.Modiri 2009
At the Margin Mr.Modiri 2015
Dorehami Mr.Modiri 2016-2018


Home Video

Home Video Director Year
Mozaffar’s Treasure Mr.Modiri 2007
Bitter Coffee Mr.Modiri 2010
Laughing Bomb Mr.Modiri 2010
My Villa Mr.Modiri 2012
Sneezing Mr.Modiri 2015
The Monster Mr.Modiri 2019
Dracula Mr.Modiri 2021
Once Upon a Time in Iran Tina Pakravan 2021



Movie Director Year
Tokyo Non-Stop Saeed Alamzadeh 2002
Dayere Zangi Parisa Bakhtavar 2008
Tehran 1500 Bahram Azimi 2012
5 O’clock in the afternoon Mr.Modiri 2017
Rahman 1400 Manouchehr Hadi 2018
Walnut Tree Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian 2020
Killing the Traitor Masoud Kimiai 2021




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