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Parviz Parastui Biography , Movies and TV Shows

Date:2021-12-24 Category: biography
Parviz Parastui

Parviz Parastui Biography , Movies and TV Shows

Parviz Parastui (پرویز پرستویی) is a well-known Iranian actor. He was born on 24 June 1955 in Hamadan, Iran. Parastui has the highest number of Crystal Simorgh awards of any actor, and he has maintained his reputation by solely working with high-quality storylines and film crews.

The Accomplice and Motreb, both directed by Mostafa Kiae, are his most recent works, and both are the most-watched series and film in Iran’s cinema history.


Parviz Parastui’s Education

Parviz Parastui

Parviz Parastui continued his studies up to his diploma, but he has the highest degree in art from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (equal to a Ph.D.).

He started taking classes in theatre, and today he is a superstar both in theatre and in the Cinema.


From Hamadan to Tehran

Parviz Parastui Parastui was born in the village of Charlie in the city of Kabudrahang, Hamedan, in a family of five members; his father was a farmer who moved to Tehran when Parviz was three years old.

He spent his youth and teen years in a tiny rented house in the Darvazeh Ghar neighborhood (a poor neighborhood). Sadeghieh School was where he finished his elementary studies.

In a while, his mother managed to buy a house with the money she was collecting during her marriage.


Change of Interest: From Soccer to Theatre

At first, he was a football fan, and he was even the goalkeeper for the director’s team. Nevertheless, at the age of 16, he went to the Naziabad Welfare Center and studied theatre.

At the same age, he started performing theatre in Welfare Center, Youth Palace (Kakh Javanan, where young people could have fun before the Islamic Revolution), and the Institute for Intellectual Development.

He received the Youth Palace Award for his performance in “Dakeh” in 1974 and “Surrender” in 1975.


Marriage and Wife

He married Nastaran Parastui when he was 26 years old, and they have a daughter called Samira and a son, Behrouz.


First Appearance in the Movie

Parviz Parastui

He got famous in theatre after years of performing, but the theatre was not his last target.

Finally, he had his movie debut in 1983 with the film Diar-e Asheghan.

In the second Fajr Film Festival, he got the honorary diploma of supporting actor for his first film (“Diar Asheghan”).

“Diar Asheghan” was the start of his successful path.


Becoming Famous

Parviz Parastui became famous by acting in Adam Barfi (snowman) in 1995, directed by Davoud Mirbagheri, and Leily Ba Man Ast (Leily Is with Me) in 1996.

For “Leily Is With Me,” he received the Diploma of Honor for Best Actor at the 14th Fajr Film Festival.


The Glass Agency (آژانس شیشه ای)

The Glass Agency

In 1998, Parviz Parastui acted as Haj Kazem in “The Glass Agency,” for which he received the Crystal Simorgh Award for Best Actor. This film made him a big star in Iran.

The movie is about two soldiers of the Iran-Iraq war named Abbas and Kazem. Abbas travels to Tehran for medical treatment after suffering a wartime injury. Kazem wishes to assist Abbas because the doctor advises him to get the surgery done overseas.


Moomiayi 3 (مومیایی 3)

Moomiayi 3

In 2000, Parastui acted in “Moomiayi 3” which was one of his best movies. He co-starred in it alongside Mahtab Keramati and other famous stars.

The “Moomiayi” is about officer Ghorbani (Parastui), a responsible and punctual cop. When he discovers a mummy, his troubles and adventures begin, and he must figure out a way to save the mummy from the thieves.


Marmoulak (مارمولک)


“Marmoulak” or “The Lizard” is an Iranian comedy film directed by Kamal Tabrizi in 2004. Its leading actor was Parviz Parastui, and he acted as the clergyman.

He received several awards for his stunning performance in this movie, such as:

The Special Jury Award Best Actor Fajr International Film Festival, Statue Best Actor Celebration House of Cinema, and Hafez Award Best Actor.

“Marmoulak” is about Reza Mesghaly (Parviz Parastui), also known as Reza the Lizard, who is a robber noted for his ability to climb any wall barehandedly (that’s why the movie is called “the Lizard,” or “Marmoulak” in Persian).

He is caught and accused of armed robbery right at the movie’s start, which he did not commit, as shown at the end.


He Continued His Success

Parviz Parastui

In 2005 and 2006, Parastui received the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor at the Fajr Film Festival for his Leading Role in Majid Majidi’s “The Willow Tree” and Ebrahim Hatamikia’s “Be Name Pedar.”

In 2008, he acted in “Bist,” directed by Abdolreza Kahani. He received the Best Actor Award at Batumi International Art-House Film Festival.

In 2014, Parastui won the Best Actor Award at San Francisco Film Festival, the Best Actor at the Rabat International Film Festival, and the Best Actor Award at the Jaipur Film Festival for his part in Reza Mirkarimi’s film “Today.”

After ten years, Parviz Parastui acted in Ebrahim Hatamikia’s film Bodyguard for the sixth time in the character of Heidar Zabihi. He won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor at the 34th Fajr Film Festival for his role in “Bodyguard.”


“The Singer” Movie (مطرب)


In 2019, Parviz Parastui played in “The Singer,” directed by Mostafa Kiayee.

“The Singer” movie is full of Iranian superstars like Parviz Parastui, Elnaz Shakerdoost, Mohsen Kiaei, and Mehran Ahmadi, besides some Turkish actors.

This movie got extremely famous in Iran and became the best-selling in 2019 or the whole history of Iran’s cinema.


Parasatui Doesn’t Support National TV

Parasatui’s first appearance on national Tv was in 1984 with a series called “Taleb,” and the last one was “The Chef” in 2009.

Although he acted in some national Tv series, but he doesn’t like it.


Parastui as a singer

In addition to acting, he sometimes does the narration. In the song “I love you” by Nasser Abdollahi, he narrates in the background of the music, which was a huge hit.

As a singer, he has recorded several songs. “I am an actor” and “I am Parviz Parastui” are two of Parviz Parastui’s albums.


Parastui’s Instagram

Parastui’s Instagram page has about 6 million followers. He’s pretty active on this social media platform, frequently posting and reacting to the country’s socio-economic situation.

His Instagram account is @Parvizparastouei


Acting With His Son

Parviz Parastui son

In the movie “The Accomplice,” directed by Mostafa Kiae, Parviz and his son acted together. Behrouz Parastui acted as his father’s youth.

Parviz Parastui

Parastui’s Movies

We’ve gathered a list of films in which he appeared.

Movie Director Year
Diar-e Asheghan Hassan Karbakhsh Ravari 1983
Pishtazan-e Fath Naser Mohammadipour 1984
Sazmane 4 Hassan Javanbakhsh 1987
Shekar Majid Javanmard 1988
Hekayate An Marde Khoshbakht Reza Heydarnejad 1990
Maar Majid Javanmard 1991
Adam Barfi Davoud Mirbagheri 1995
Leily Ba Man Ast Kamal Tabrizi 1996
Mehr-e Madari Kamal Tabrizi 1997
Ravani Dariush Farhang 1997
The Glass Agency Ebrahim Hatamikia 1997
Marde Avazi Mohammad Reza Honarmand 1997
Rooban-e Ghermez Ebrahim Hatamikia 1999
Shookhi Homayoun Assadian 1999
Eshgh-e Shisheh-yi Reza Heydarnejad 2000
Moomiayi 3 Mohammad Reza Honarmand 2000
Moje Mordeh Ebrahim Hatamikia 2001
Ab va Atash Fereydoun Jeyrani 2001
Azizam Man Kook Nistam Mohammad Reza Honarmand 2002
Divanei Az Ghafas Parid Ahmadreza Motamedi 2002
My Lady Yadollah Samadi 2003
Duel Ahmad Reza Darvish 2004
Marmoulak Kamal Tabrizi 2004
Café Transit Kambuzia Partovi 2005
The Willow Tree Majid Majidi 2005
Be Name Pedar Ebrahim Hatamikia 2006
Fans Mohammad Rahmanian 2006
Padashe Sokoot Maziar Miri 2007
Sad Sal Be in Sal-ha Saman Moghaddam 2007
The Book of Law Maziar Miri 2008
Bist Abdolreza Kahani 2008
Sizdah 59 Saman Salur 2010
Khers Khosro Masumi 2010
Man-o Ziba Fereydoun Hassanpour 2011
Mehman Darim Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour 2013
Today Reza Mirkarimi 2014
Wake for Three Days Masoud Amini 2014
Bofalou Kaveh Sajjadi 2014
Dou Soheila Golestani 2015
Bodyguard Ebrahim Hatamikia 2015
Bi Hameh Chiz Mohsen Gharaie 2021

Parviz Parastui

Parastui’s Series

Zire Tigh Mohammad Reza Honarmand 2006
Shaheed-e-Kufa (Imam Ali) Davood Mirbagheri 1990
The Accomplice (HamGonah) Mostafa kiae 2020
Ashpaz Bashi Mohammad-Reza Honarmand 2009
Khak-e Sorkh Ebrahim Hatamikia 2002


You can download his movies with English subtitles easily. Enjoy!


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