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Persian Female Names Starting With “M” 2022

Date:2021-11-27 Category: other
persian girl names with m

Persian Female Names Starting With “M”

Persian female names usually carry rich meanings and, Iranian parents are generally careful in choosing names for their babies.

Choosing a name is a challenging task which all parents go through it.

We recommend you consider Persian female names while searching for the best one for your baby.


Why Should You Choose Persian Female Names?

Are you thinking about why you should choose Persian female names for your daughter? Here, we prepared some reasons to persuade you.

  1. Throughout history, Iranians have always cared about their daughters, especially their names.
  2. Persian female names have beautiful meanings.

Now that you know the reason for choosing Persian names, it’s better to go through the most beautiful names starting with “M”.


Why Should You Choose Names Starting With “M”?

Some believe that the letter “M” suggests emotion. Girls whose names start with the letter “M” are patient, hardworking, and brave. Those girls are intelligent, creative and they also have a sense of humor.

In the following, we gathered a list of Persian female names with their meanings.

  1. Mahsa (مهسا): a girl whose beauty is brilliant as the moon.
  2. Mahsan (مهسان): a lady who is extremely beautiful as the moon.
  3. Mahshid (مهشید): moonlight
  4. Matisa (ماتیسا): the lonely moon
  5. Matina ماتینا)): a red flower
  6. Madiar (مادیار): a girl who helps and supports her mother
  7. Mamak (مامک): a kind way of calling a girl, meaning mom
  8. Mana (مانا): lasting, stable
  9. Mandana (ماندانا): mother of the Cyrus the Great
  10. Mandegar (ماندگار): someone who stays in a place for a long time or permanently
  11. Manely (مانلی): meaning be there for me all the time
  12. Mah (ماه): moon
  13. Mahafarid (ماه آفرید): the creation of the moon, a pretty lady
  14. Mahpari (ماه پری): a brilliantly beautiful girl
  15. Mahpasand (ماه پسند): a lady who is so beautiful that resembles like the moon
  16. Mahtaban (ماه تابان): a girl whose face is as bright as a moon
  17. Mah Jahan (ماه جهان): the most beautiful in the world
  18. Mahrokh (ماهرخ): a beautiful face as the moon
  19. Mahro (مه رو): having a pretty face as the moon
  20. Mahnaz (ماه ناز): having a gorgeous face like the moon
  21. Maysa (مایسا): an exquisite flower
  22. Mozhdeh (مژده): carrying the good news
  23. Mozhgan (مژگان): Eyelashes, in Persian literature it refers to the spears of the beloved’s eye piercing the lover’s heart
  24. Manijeh (منیژه): in Shahnameh referring to the daughter of Afrasiab who fell in love with Bizhan.
  25. Mozhan (موژان): a girl who is beautiful as the Daffodil flower
  26. Mehbanu (مهبانو): the greatest woman
  27. Mahtab (مهتاب): moonlight
  28. Mahtaj (مهتاج): the most beautiful among all
  29. Mehrazar (مهرآذر): a kind, loving and compassionate girl
  30. Mehazin (مهرآذین): a kind and loving lady
  31. Mehrara (مهرآرا): a kind girl
  32. Mehasa (مهرآسا): having a beautiful face as the sun
  33. Mehrafarin (مهرآفرین): the creator of love and kindness
  34. Mehrana (مهرآنا): a kind girl
  35. Mehrangiz ( مهرانگیز): a lady who encourages others to be kind
  36. Mehranoush (مهرانوش): a girl whose love and kindness is everlasting
  37. Mehrsana (مهرسانا): a lady who is beautiful and passionate as sun
  38. Mehrshid (مهرشید): the sun
  39. Mehrgol (مهرگل): a bright and beautiful lady as the sunflower
  40. Mehrnaz (مهرناز): the bright sun, the sister of Kay Kāvus in Shahnameh
  41. Mehrnegar (مهرنگار): a beautiful sun or a girl
  42. Mehrnosh (مهرنوش): a girl whose beauty is everlasting
  43. Mehrnia (مهرنیا): a girl who is from the kind people descendant, loving and kind
  44. Mahruz (مهروز): a moon appearing during days, beautiful girl
  45. Mahgol (مهگل): a girl who is beautiful as Jimsonweed flower
  46. Mahvash (مهوش): having a pretty face as the moon
  47. Mahin (مهین): a great woman
  48. Mino (مینو): the heaven, paradise
  49. Mina (مینا): a Myna which is a kind of bird, a white flower, a colorful glass
  50. Mahniya (مهنیا): a lady who is born from a wealthy family

We hope you can choose your favorite name among these Persian female names.


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