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Persian Female Names Starting with “S” 2022

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Persian Female Names Starting with “S” 2022

If you’re expecting a child but still haven’t chosen a name, we recommend looking at the Persian female names below.

This article is for you if you’re one of the many parents who want to give their kid a name that begins with the letter “S”.


Why Should You Be Careful When Choosing a Name?!

  1. Various researches suggest that babies react and identify their names from an early age, which can influence their personality.
  2. Your children’s name distinguishes them from other kids or can even influence their confidence while hanging with peers.
  3. Name you choose can influence your girl when she makes friends. That’s why you should be careful with choosing a name for your cutie.


Popular Persian Female Names Starting With “S”

We provided 50 Iranian female names starting with “S” and their meaning, so follow us through this article.

  1. Sogand (سوگند): oath, faithfulness in a relationship, persistence in telling and speaking the truth.
  2. Soudabeh (سودابه): a girl character in Shahnameh, the wife of Kay Kāvus (a character in Shahnameh).
  3. Satin (ساتین): a girl who is lovely, beloved
  4. Sarabano (سارابانو): a perfect lady
  5. Saradokht (سارادخت): a simple and pious girl
  6. Sargol (سارگل): a yellow flower
  7. Sarang (سارنگ): a kind of little blackbird, Starling, an instrument like Kamancheh.
  8. Sarnia (سارنیا): a sincere, honest and chaste lady,
  9. Sarouneh (سارونه): rose flower, Grapes
  10. Sarisa (ساریسا): a hardworking lady
  11. Sarina (سارینا): pure, perfect
  12. Susan (سوسن): Lily flower,
  13. Suzan (سوزان): hot, fiery or severe
  14. Saghar (ساغر): the wine cup
  15. Sali (سالی): a delighted and healthy girl
  16. Sameh (سامه): pact, bond, promise
  17. Samina (سامینا): a lady who is beautiful and pleasant like Mina flower (Leucanthemum)
  18. Sanaz (ساناز): a rare flower, a girl who is rare as Sanaz flower
  19. Sandokht (ساندوخت): a disciplined girl
  20. Sanli (سانلی): popular and famous
  21. Sanva (سانوا): a girl who speaks sweetly
  22. Savi (ساوی): a precious girl
  23. Sayeh (سایه): shadow, relative darkness, support, majesty
  24. Saba (سبا): a city in Yemen, a surah in Quran
  25. Sepideh (سپیده): twilight
  26. Setareh (ستاره): fate, a pretty girl, star
  27. Setayesh (ستایش): Praising and worshiping God, compliment
  28. Sahargol (سحرگل): a beautiful and delighted lady
  29. Saharnaz (سحرناز): a lady with a pretty face
  30. Saharnosh (سحرنوش): a girl who loves the light of morning
  31. Sarvbano (سروبانو): a lady as tall as Sarv tree (Cypress)
  32. Sarvenaz (سروناز): a beautiful lady
  33. Sarireh (سریره): a pretty girl
  34. Solmaz (سلماز): a woman who never gets old
  35. Sahandis (سهندیس): a strong and persistent girl
  36. Sahi (سهی): a pure and right-doing girl, teen
  37. Sahidokht (سهی دخت): a tall lady
  38. Sosandokht (سوسن دخت): a girl who is as beautiful as Lily flower
  39. Sogol (سوگل): the most favorite girl, beloved
  40. Somiya (سومیا): lovely
  41. Somita (سومیتا): love and kindness
  42. Sevil (سویل): a worthy lady
  43. Sevin (سوین): affection, love
  44. Sigol (سی گل): thirty flowers
  45. Simin (سیمین): a lady who has a white body
  46. Siminbano (سیمین بانو): a girl with white body
  47. Sori (سوری): a red flower, happiness
  48. Samandokht (سمن دخت): a well-scented girl
  49. Samanchehr (سمن چهر): a girl who has a pretty face
  50. Selda (سلدا): supporter


Your little girl will be very happy to have one of these lovely Persian female names to call her.


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