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Sahar Dolatshahi Biography, Movies and TV Shows

Date:2022-02-13 Category: biography
sahar dolatshahi

Sahar Dolatshahi Biography, Movies and TV Shows

Sahar Dolatshahi (سحر دولتشاهی) is a famous Iranian actress born in Tehran, Iran, on October 8, 1979. Among her most well-known roles are those in Ice Age (2015), Istanbul Junction (2018), The Frog (2020–2021), and I Want To Stay Alive (2001).  She has appeared in more than 30 Iranian films and television programs, and her first professional role was at the “Nimruz Khabalud” Theater, directed by Ayat Najafi. Her debut cinematic role was in Asghar Farhadi’s film Fireworks Wednesday, which she starred in 2006. As a result of her work with many well-known Iranian filmmakers, she has appeared in many movies, and television series such as Hodhod Bookstore (2007), Passengers (2009), The Family Conspiracy (2010), The Excellency(2017), Made in Iran 2 (2018), The Frog (2020–2021), and I Want To Stay Alive (2012–present).

Full Name Sahar Dolatshahi
Gender Female
Occupation Actress
Nationality Iranian
Date of Birth 8 October 1979
Place of Birth Tehran, Iran
Age 42
Husband Rambod Javan (2008-2014)
Height 1.70 cm
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Instagram @sahardolatshahi


Sahar Dolatshahi Education

sahar dolatshahi education

She graduated from the University of Soura with a bachelor’s degree in dramatic literature. She then got a bachelor’s degree in French from Azad University, where she began her artistic career in theatre.



sahar dolatshahi family

Dolatshahi comes from an educated family. Her father is a mechanical engineer and the owner of a machinery company, and her mother is a former vice president of the Women’s Swimming Federation. She has a brother and a sister, both of whom live out of Iran.



sahar dolatshahi teathre

Sahar Dolatshahi started acting in theatres at her university in 2000, discovering her talent.  She began her professional acting career in 2001 when she was 22 years old and enrolled in an acting class. She gained her first theatrical experience with the production of Nimruz Khabalud, directed by Ayat Najafi.


The Beginning of Her Acting Career

sahar dolatshahi

Sahar appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 2004 with the film Farzand Sobh, and she made her national television debut in 2007 with the series Hodhod Bookstore, created by Marzieh Boroumand.



sahar dolatshahi and rombod javan

The marriage of Sahar Dolatshahi to Rambod, a 37-year-old coworker who just got divorced from his ex-wife, took place on March 18, 2009, when she was 29 years old.


Who Is Rambod Javan?

rambod javan

Rambod Javan is an Iranian actor, director, television presenter, and screenwriter born on December 22, 1971, in Tehran, Iran. He has appeared in several films and television shows during his career. Khandevane, a regionally popular television show, was created and directed by Rambod Javan. At this point, Khandevane has enjoyed six successful seasons.  He was married to Mandana Rouhi for a short period until they divorced a few years later. Javan wedded Iranian actress Sahar Dolatshahi in 2008, and they divorced in 2014.



Their divorce took place in 2014, and they informed no one in the media. The two did not confirm that they were no longer together for a long period. Sahar Dolatshahi was the Rambod’s second wife, and they both thought that others should not be allowed to invade their personal lives! Two years later, Rambod Javan married Negar Javaherian.



sahar dolatshahi fame

Dolatshahi’s appearance as an alien in the television series “Passengers,” produced by her ex-husband Rambod Javan in 2010, was very successful and helped establish her as a celebrity very quickly. The majority of Sahar Dolatshahi’s fame arose due to the airing of this series. She co-starred with several notable actors, including Hassan Majouni, Shaghayegh Dehghan, and Rambod Javan. it’s noteworthy to mention that Sahar and Rambod were still together while creating “Passengers.”


Second Marriage

sahar dolatshahi and homayon shajarian 1

Rumors about Sahar Dolatshahi and Homayoun Shajarian’s marriage have been spreading in the media since 2017; however, the couple has not responded to the news, and people have forgotten the issue after a while. Immediately after the death of Mohammad Reza Shajarian, the publishing of a photograph depicting Sahar’s presence in Homayoun Shajarian’s car re-ignited rumors of their marriage. Still, no one has confirmed or denied their marriage.



sahar dolatshahi and simorgh

For her performance in the film “Ice Age,” she received the Simorgh Award for Best Supporting Actor in Fajr Film Festival for the first time in 2015. She won the award again in 2018 for her role in the film “Istanbul Junction and Cold Sweat.” Her portrayal in “Amir” earned her the Best Actress Award at the Iranian-Australian Film Festival in 2020, after the success of her two Simorghs in the previous years.



sahar dolatshahi Favorites

Sahar loves music and says she can’t live without listening to music. During the day, when she has nothing to do, Sahar Dolatshahi prefers to watch movies or listen to music, which she enjoys since she’s a music enthusiast. She also spends her time translating foreign texts in her spare time. Exercise is a regular part of her life, although her schedule and other factors determine the quantity of time she devotes to it. Sahar Dolatshahi exercises every day, whether a simple walk or an hour of yoga or swimming; she thinks her brain doesn’t work properly if she doesn’t exercise.



sahar dolatshahi writing

Even though she has been in love with performing since she was a kid, the reality is that she has studied dramatic literature and that writing continues to be a significant part of her life. In school, she excelled in the areas of writing and interpreting. She’s really dissatisfied with the fact that she still doesn’t have time to write. Her thoughts are always on writing. She said in an interview that she would begin writing when the moment was proper! She still believes that writing is one of the most appropriate careers for her.


Favorite Actor

sahar dolatshahi

She watches a lot of movies, and the excellent performances of the actors have a significant impact on her. On the other hand, Sahar doesn’t have a specific role model. She reads extensively about her favorite actors and their lives, but she doesn’t have a particular individual to follow.



Sahar Dolatshahi has appeared in several famous movies, which we will introduce to you some of them in the following. So, keep reading!


  1. Fireworks Wednesday

چهارشنبه سوری

Fireworks Wednesday

Sahar acted as Mozhdeh’s sister in the movie “Fireworks Wednesday,” directed by Asghar Farhadi.


During their preparations for their trip to Dubai, the morning after Chaharshanbe Suri, a holiday conducted on the evening of the Wednesday before Nowruz, Mozhdeh and Morteza Samiei experience a series of ups and downs. After a time, the film reveals that Mozhdeh’s husband is having an affair with another woman, and their situation worsens.


  1. Mim Mesle Madar

میم مثل مادر

Mim Mesle Madar

In 2006, Sahar Dolatshahi acted as Farzaneh in the movie “Mim Mesle Madar,” directed by Rasoul Mollaqolipour. This is one of the most successful Iranian films ever made. Golshifteh Farahani, a well-known Iranian actress, appears as the lead in this film.


Sepideh worked as a nurse in Sardasht during the Iran-Iraq war, and she was exposed to chemical compounds. Soheil and Sepideh are expecting their first kid, which will occur years later. According to the ultrasound results, Sepideh’s kid has lung problems and impairments, which the doctors believe are because of toxic chemicals released during the conflict. After insisting on having an abortion, Soheil divorces Sepideh since she disagrees with him.


  1. Cold Sweat

عرق سرد

Cold Sweat

In 2018, Sahar acted as Mehrane in the movie “Cold Sweat.” The movie is about Afrooz, the captain of Iran’s national futsal team, competing in the Asian Cup. With an assist from Afrooz, the national team advances to the final of the Asian Games for the first time and will now go to Malaysia.


List of Movies

Sahar Dolatshahi acted in many famous movies; we provided a list of her films.

Movie Director Year
Fireworks Wednesday Asghar Farhadi 2006
M For Mother Rasoul Mollagholipour 2006
Shirin Abbas Kiarostami 2008
When We Are All Asleep Bahram Beyzai 2009
Amnesia Masoud Madadi 2009
Gold and Copper Homayoon Asadian 2010
The Earth Marathon Kamal Tabrizi 2010
The Son of Dawn Behrouz Afkhami 2011
Mourning Morteza Farshbaf 2011
The Shallow Yellow Sky Bahram Tavakoli 2013
Metropole Masoud Kimiai 2013
Mastaneh Hossein Farahbakhsh 2014
Gap Kiarash Asadizadeh 2015
Ice Age Mostafa Kiaei 2015
Twenty Weeks Masoud Gharagozlu 2015
Profiles Iraj Karimi 2016
Death Of The Fish Rouhollah Hejazi 2016
Inversion Behnam Behzadi 2016
Barcode Mostafa Kiaei 2016
Lobby Mohamad Parvizi 2016
Delighted Abdolreza Kahani 2016
I Want To Dance Bahman Farmanara 2017
Reza Alireza Motamedi 2018
Istanbul Junction Mostafa Kiaei 2018
Cold Sweat Soheil Beyraghi 2018
Amir Nima Eghlima 2018
Atabai Niki Karimi 2020
180° Rule Farnoosh Samadi 2020


Home Video

Name Director Year
Icy Heart 3 Saman Moghadam 2012
The Excellency Sam Gharibian 2017
Made In Iran 2 Borzou Niknejad 2018
The Frog Houman Seyyedi 2020-2021
I Want To Stay Alive Sharam Shah Hosseini 2021–present


National Television

Name Director Year
Hod Hod Bookstore Marzieh Boroumand 2006
Forgetfulness Masoud Madadi 2007
Expelled Mehdi Karimpour 2007
The Passengers Rambod Javan 2009
A Name Bijan Mirbagheri 2009
No Pain, No Gain Alireza Bazrafshan 2010
The Family Conspiracy Rambod Javan 2010
Radio 7 Mansour Zabetian 2010
The Da Book Sina Ataeian Dena 2011
GAP Rambod Javan 2011
Ab Pari Marzieh Boroumand 2012
A Few More Days Parisa Gorgin 2013

sahar dolatshahi

sahar dolatshahi mikhaham zendeh bemanam

sahar dolatshahi frog

sahar dolatshahi

faezeh -


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