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Shazdeh Garden, Heaven in the Desert!

Date:2022-04-21 Category: travel
shazdeh garden

Shazdeh Garden, Heaven in the Desert!

Shazdeh Mahan Garden (Persian: باغ شازده ماهان), which translates as “the Prince’s Garden in Mahan, is a famous historic Persian garden in Kerman, Iran. Shazdeh Garden or Shahzadeh Garden is a beautiful garden in Kerman province, Iran, situated 4 kilometers south of Mahan on the road to Bam, 35 kilometers southeast of Kerman. It’s an awe-inspiring garden and a glorious green paradise hidden away in the middle of the desert; before visiting this Garden, get ready to be stunned.  The Garden is 5.5 hectares in size, has a rectangular form, and a wall surrounds it. There is an entry building and gate on the lower end, while a two-story residential structure is on the top end. Natural water fountains are there throughout the distance between the two locations. The Garden is an excellent example of many Persian Gardens that use the region’s desirable temperature conditions.


What Makes Shazdeh Garden Special?Shazdeh_Garden

The fact that Shazdeh Garden is in the desert, where you can find nothing but sandy plains, is quite remarkable. The entrance to the Garden, on the other hand, welcomes visitors to this earthly paradise. After taking one step inside the Garden, one can observe the fountains flowing through the Garden, the trees providing shade for those walking down the route, and the flowers filling the air with fragrance. Later, the exterior of an ancient pavilion emerges from behind the fountains, and a set of steps leads the guests to the pavilion’s entrance. The meticulously planned Garden, the architectural design of the pavilion, and the interior design and decorations of the pavilion all represent the Iranians’ exquisite art, culture, and way of life in ancient times.


Persian Garden UNESCOShazdeh Garden

This Iranian Garden is on the country’s list of national monuments, and UNESCO has placed this Garden on World Heritage Site List as one of the historical Persian Gardens. In the thirteenth century, during the latter years of the Qajar dynasty, the monarch of Kerman and Sistan ordered the construction of this Persian Garden. A thatched brick wall surrounds a mezzanine with eight watchtowers. On the southwest side of the Garden, you can see the pavilion at the far end and highest point. You can see a variety of structures as you go throughout the area, from the pavilion to the entrance. Water may surge up to 8 meters from five fountains within the pool facing the palace. Kerman’s historical Garden is one of the most visited in the country. A thirty-minute drive from Kerman takes you to a breathtakingly beautiful location. An enjoyable environment that you would not be able to experience anyplace else. Located amid a desert, Garden is a lovely oasis with the most incredible water system, which channels water up and down to the cascading waterfalls without a pump.


Shazdeh Meaning

shazdeh garden

Shazdeh translates as “Prince.” This place was the site of a garden established for Mohammad Hassan Khan Sardari Iravani in 1850, completely restored and expanded around 1870 by Abdolhamid Mirza Naserodolleh during his eleven-year governorship under the Qajar dynasty. The present visible construction dates nearly completely from this second phase, and it’s like other Gardens planned by NaseroDolleh in Tehran. Because of the death of Abdolhamid Mirza in the early 1890s, the construction of the building was left incomplete.


Iranian Paradise GardensShazdeh Garden

Persian Gardens are examples of the paradise garden and have inspired the design of gardens from Andalusia to India and beyond, demonstrating the unity and style of Persian garden design. In Persian Gardens, such as Shazdeh Garden, you may wonder how the water is supplied. People use the Qanat method in deserts just like this Garden to provide water. Taking use of the fact that the Garden had a natural slope, the Iranian engineers used gravity to water the plants. Because of this, water enters the Garden from the top side, where it flows through the terrace-shaped ponds of the Garden, irrigating the trees and flowers on the lower side. Therefore, this Garden is home to a diverse collection of trees that serve a range of roles, including windbreak trees like pine and cypress, shade trees such as poplar or wild elm, and fruit trees such as peach and plum.


To Sum Up

Shazdeh Garden represents the fabulous art of Iranian culture and architecture. You will be shocked by the paradoxes created by this Garden and the desert surrounded by it. In this article, we provided about Shazdeh Garden and its glorious history.

mahan shazdeh garden

mahan shazdeh garden

mahan shazdeh garden


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