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Shiva Ebrahimi Iranian Actress Biography

Date:2023-01-27 Category: biography

Shiva Ebrahimi

Originally from Shemiranat, Shiva was born on the 29th of Bahman 1976 to a family of actors. After enrolling in the theatre department in 1994, Shiva Ebrahimi’s acting career began with student productions. Starting in 1994 with Akbar Khajooi’s series “Old Rider,” she made her acting debut.

Shiva Ebrahimi

Summary of the Biography of Shiva Ebrahimi

  • Field of activity: cinema and television
  • Born: 29 February 1976 
  • Place of residence: Tehran
  • Profession: Actor
  • Years of activity: from 1994 until now
  • Children: Nafas Khodayari

Shiva Ebrahimi

Shiva Ebrahimi’s marriage

As a result of her long and happy marriage to Mr. Behnam Khodayari, Ebrahimi now has a lovely daughter, Nafas, who was born in Pune, India, in 2001. Mr. Khodayari made her TV debut as “Housekeeper” in 2013.

Shiva Ebrahimi

From university to theater

After attending the theatre faculty at age 18, she began her career with student works in 1994. Two years and a few months later, in 1975, she transitioned to television.

In 1994, Shiva had her debut television appearance in the Akbar Khajooi-directed series “Kehnesawar.” Even though this book wasn’t as popular as her subsequent bestsellers like the “Zir Hasht” trilogy, Shiva Ebrahimi learned a lot from experience. Working with artists like Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Hamida Khairabadi, Mahmoud Paknit, and Hossein Ebrahimi was a highlight of her career.

Since 2010, Shiva has been a dedicated film and television industry member, appearing in many notable productions. This year, she introduced herself to the public by playing in 2 important TV series.

Shiva Ebrahimi’s notable works from that year are her roles in Siros Moghadam’s “Time to Plow” and “Zir Hasht.”

In 1389, Shiva portrayed a pivotal character in “Under Eight,” Thanks to her talent, she was able to provide viewers with a compelling portrayal of her character and herself. She collaborated with Siros Moghadam in this series. Starring with Amir Jafari, Panthea Bahram, Kamran Tafti, and Arash Majidi in the TV series “Zir Hasht” provided a great opportunity for Shiva to get recognition.

Shiva Ebrahimi

Popularity and performing success

Mr. Syros Moghadam’s production and direction of the 2013 TV series “Medina” is one of the most recognizable works in her portfolio.

Shiva played the minor role of a nurse in the Medina series. She co-starred in the show with notable actors like Majid Salehi, Paryush Tadari, Shabnam Moghadami, Reza Ruigiri, and Linda Kiani.

The series, which was directed by Mr. Syros Moghadam and produced by Ms. Zainab Taqvai, was broadcast on TV during the holy month of Ramadan in 2013.

In 2013, Shiva also appeared in the TV show “Pardneshin”. To create this new work, Shiva Ebrahimi teamed with the screen series director Behrouz Shoaibi and other artists, including Vishka Asayesh, Farhad Aish, Hamed Kamili, and Sara Bahrami.

Shiva Ebrahimi

Shiva Ebrahimi’s appearances in cinema

She gained her first experience in the film business in 1978 with the movie “Passenger.” In 1980, at 25, she became quite successful in the movie “The Last Supper.” Mohammad Reza Golzar, Haniye Tosali, Atila Pesiani, and Soraya Ghasemi star in this film.

The following year, in 2006, she co-starred with Leila Zare, Fatemeh Motamed Arya, and Mahaya Petrosian in the film “Leila’s Dream,” directed by Mehrdad Mir Falah.

Shiva Ebrahimi

Birth of Shiva Ebrahimi’s daughter in India

The birth of Ebrahimi’s daughter Nafas in India is a fascinating chapter in this woman’s life story.

“Before Nafas was born, I had no idea if I was having a boy or a girl. Our daughter Nafas was born in India in a city called Pune, and her arrival took us by surprise, as my husband and I had always advocated for a more natural approach to parenting. Mrs. Ebrahimi and her family were in India for four years.


Shiva’s relationship with her daughter

“Nafas and I are closer to friends, and at times we are like two sisters, easily talking to each other and making decisions together.”

Most children will wait for their mother’s approval before beginning an assignment. In contrast, Shiva Ebrahimi places a higher value on her connection with her daughter Nafas and claims that the two often confer before completing tasks or making important decisions. They are a mother and daughter who share many of the same worries, hobbies, and interests, including a love of football and books.

Shiva Ebrahimi

We are like two sisters

“In many ways, Nafas and I are like sisters; we are close friends and can even pass for sisters. We can communicate and cooperate with ease. Nafas asks my opinion on many things, but in the end, she makes up her mind. I advise getting along with today’s youth and raising a friendly family with their peers. This will help us bond with our kids more. My connection with Nafas is excellent, and we accomplish a lot together. 


The birth of my daughter changed my life

“In many ways, my life was turned upside down with the arrival of my daughter. Many things get different when a kid is born. My outlook on the future, among other things, has evolved and grown up with me.

“Having children at any age, regardless of one’s previous level of education, is a necessary step toward achieving full intellectual development. Because of this dramatic change, I now always say “before the birth of my daughter and after the birth of my daughter” when contrasting two time periods. In addition, being a mother forces a woman to sacrifice many of her own goals and ideals and might even make her more traditional in outlook. Because we are no longer alone and have brought a person into this world, we are responsible for her life and must prepare for her future.“

Shiva Ebrahimi

Choosing the name Nafas

My husband and I both saw “Kandahar Journey” independently two years before Nafas was born. Nafas was the name of one of the film’s protagonists, an Afghan girl. We both loved the film and the name, and we agreed that if we had a daughter, we would call her Nafas.


I wish my daughter happiness

“Without a doubt, like many parents, I have great expectations for my children’s future. I want my daughter to have a life filled with joy and fulfillment, and I hope she does so, no matter her challenges.

Nafas: I’d want to attend one of France’s top art schools to get a degree in painting. I need clarification on animal science and medicine as a career because of my love for both but ultimately settle on the latter.

Shiva Ebrahimi

The decision maker is Nafas 

“Nafas has acted in several telefilms. She portrayed my daughter in a movie when she was just four years old, and she has performed the part of my kid in numerous more films. Nafas had a starring role in Atilapsiani’s “Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon,” which ran for a month and a half in the city’s primary theater. However, it is up to her to decide whether she will keep performing in the future.

Shiva Ebrahimi

Shiva Ebrahimi’s support for Rouhani

Several artists backed Hassan Rouhani in the 12th presidential election, and one of them was Shiva.


The Mino series features Shiva Ebrahimi

With its romantic plot and inclusion of Khorramshahr’s freedom adventures, the Mino series is among the most popular. She played Rana alongside other famous movie and TV actors, which boosted her already considerable profile.

This TV show, which shows authentic sights and events from the liberation of Khorramshahr, is one of the best works ever created on the city’s heroic liberation and has been warmly received by the public.

Shiva Ebrahimi

Shiva Ebrahimi in the series “Brother Jan”

In her most recent television role, which aired in 2018 during the holy month of Ramadan as part of the “Baradar Jan” series, Shiva portrayed Manijeh.

Brother Jan was well-received among the most-watched shows of 2018 because it aired conveniently. This series, written by Mr. Mohammad Reza Ahanj, was a delight to watch because of its compelling subject matter (differences between two brothers within the same family). In this TV show, Ms. Shiva portrayed Manijeh, Hanif’s hidden wife.


Shiva Ebrahimi in the series “Kolbei Dar Meh”

Hassan Lafayan’s “Kalbe Ai Dar Meh” television series stars Shiva, a theatre, film, and television actor, as Mah Gol.

This series’ adventures occur during the beginning of the Islamic Revolution. The list of actors with whom Shiva Ebrahimi has shared the screen includes Farrokh Nemati, Sam Horokan, Khashayar Rad, Hamid Ebrahimi, Mahbobe Esadi, Seyed Mehrdad Ziaei, and Soudabe Bayzaei.

Shiva Ebrahimi

Shiva Ebrahimi in the series “Safe House”

Shiva performed the character of Mahsa, a money laundering and smuggling gang member, in the “Safe House” series.


Shiva Ebrahimi in the series “A stranger is with me”

The 2019 Ahmed Amini series “A Stranger with Me” was Ebrahimi’s final television appearance. A slew of well-known performers, including Negar Abedi, Shabnam Qolikhani, Mahshid Javadi, Samrand Marofi, Pourdeh Mehiman, Nasrin Babaei, Sogol Tahmasabi, Mina Jafarzadeh, and more, appeared in this TV show.

While Shiva has collaborated with many talented artists over the years, it is important to note that among actors, she has worked with Atila Pesiani the most (4 times), followed by Mahmoud Paknit, Bahram Shahmohammadlou, Malik Siraj, and Behrouz Qadri. 

Shiva Ebrahimi

Shiva Ebrahimi Unveiling

An image of an unveiled Shiva was shared on Instagram with the caption, “I am an Iranian lady who wore a headscarf for many years out of fear and compulsion, but it was never by my choice and never will be.” This is in reaction to the misleading claim that Iranian women voluntarily wear hijab and that it is not required by the government.

Shiva Ebrahimi


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