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The Best Hotels In Tehran You Should Stay In

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best hotels in tehran iran

The Best Hotels In Tehran You Should Stay In

One of the decisions that everyone planning a trip must make is where to stay. Still, you don’t have to get anxious because, in this article, we will tell you about the rules of Iran’s hotels, the top hotels in Tehran to stay, and how to book a room in hotels in Tehran.

If you are planning to visit Tehran and are worried about choosing a hotel to stay, we will introduce you to the five best hotels in Tehran.

Follow These Rules in Hotels in Tehran

There are some rules about hotels in Iran, you should know before making your reservations.

1.     Couples’ Admission

If you are traveling with your partner and want to stay in a shared room, one of you should hand an ID card to the hotel so that they know you are married.

If you are not married, you are supposed to book separate rooms.

You should hand the hotel a valid document to get a shared room if you are temporarily married.

2.     Minimum Reservation Age

You should have at least 18 years to be able to reserve a hotel room on your own.

While checking in, you should hand the hotel your ID card, visa, or passport, so it’s not possible to hide your age if you are under 18.

3.     Check-in and Check-out Time

Most hotels in Tehran and Iran check-in at 2 p.m. and check out customers at noon. So, if you arrive sooner than 2 p.m., it’s the best time to keep yourself busy by going around the city.

If you want to get your room sooner than 2 p.m., you will have to pay 50 percent of the one-night cost.

4.     Reservation Costs

If you want to make reservations for a specific day in hotels in Tehran, you should pay half of the night price.

According to the hotels’ policies, if you want to cancel your reservation, you will be charged a percentage of the night’s rate

5.     Guests Policies

You can’t bring your guests into your room. You can only visit them in the lobby, though. This policy considers the safety of residents in the hotel.

These are the most important policies you should know before reserving a room in hotels in Tehran.

How Can I Book Hotels in Tehran?

In most countries, you can book through Booking.com and Airbnb, but Iranian hotels are not on those sites’ lists, so here we will tell you how to book a room in hotels in Tehran.

1.     Local Websites

One way is booking a room online through local websites.

One of the best local websites to reserve your room is Iran-booking, where you can search for the city you want to visit, and the site will show you a list of hotels in the area to select.

2.     Travel Agencies

You can contact travel agencies and ask them to book a room in your favorite hotel. One of the agencies you can reach is Irandoostan.com. They can book hotels for you and also offer you a tour of the city if you like.

3.     Call Hotels

It is also possible to book your room by calling hotels. Don’t worry; we will provide you with the phone numbers of the best hotels in Tehran.

Where Should I Stay in Tehran?

To determine the best hotels in Tehran, we should have reasonable criteria, such as the hotel’s stars and facilities they offer.

This list will introduce you to five-star hotels with luxury and convenient facilities.

Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas Palace Hotel

This hotel is located in the north of Tehran and is the most well-known hotel in this city.  The Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran opened in 2015 in Saadat Abad, one of the city’s most prestigious areas.

Espinas Palace Hotel

The majestic Espinas Palace Hotel is the right choice for you if you are searching for a luxurious stay away from the noise of the city center. This hotel will make your vacation a memorable night.

Espinas Palace Hotel

  • The Espinas Palace hotel is undoubtedly the most luxurious, thanks to its trendy design, convenience, and magnificent rooms with a breathtaking view over Tehran.
  • The five-star Hotel Espinas Palace includes 400 rooms in 21 stories, inspiring a stylish look by contemporary architecture.
  • This hotel consists of some luxury restaurants and cafes, among the best in Tehran, to taste delicious Persian or worldwide foods.
  • The hotel offers a wide variety of activities: pools, sauna, jacuzzi, and gym; if you want, a private coach is also available.
  • Close to the hotel, you can spend your time in two known parks, Parvaz (Flight) and Jurassic Park.
  • As said before, because this hotel is located in the north of Tehran, the weather is more favorable, and it provides a view of the city and surrounding mountains.
  • If you plan to visit Milad Tower, this hotel is just 20 minutes from it by car.
  • The rooms are artistically decorated and have huge glass windows.
  • Rooms of this hotel have proper air conditioning, internet access, TV, standard beds, desk, stylish furniture, refrigerator, mini-bar, and bathroom.

Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas Palace Hotel

Cost and Contact

You can book a night in this hotel for $156.

Address: Saadat Abad, Behroud Sq, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 21 7567 5000

Persian Esteghlal Hotel

Persian Esteghlal Hotel

Persian Esteghlal Hotel was opened in 1962 in Tehran. It is a well-known and renowned hotel. This hotel, which was once so famous, is still among the best. Currently, it has a total of 552 rooms and 15 floors.

  • Esteghlal hotel is an international hotel, and the staff all know English, so don’t worry about the language in this hotel.
  • According to travelers who stayed there, the rooms were bright and beautifully decorated, and breakfast was excellent. Also, the hotel has polite and helpful staff.
  • You may start your day resting in a Jacuzzi or a spa at this hotel, or you can relax your body and receive your messages.
  • You will have a bathroom, internet access, mini-bar, desk, room safe, and make-up mirror in the hotel rooms.
  • The hotel also offers you laundry service, hotel safe and parking.

Persian Esteghlal Hotel

Cost and Contact

The price of booking a night in this hotel starts at $74.

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Chamran Hwy, Iran

Phone: +98 21 2266 0011

Persian Azadi Hotel

Persian Azadi Hotel

The five-star Tehran Persian Azadi Hotel, once known as the Hyatt Hotel, is one of Tehran’s most elegant and stylish hotels.

It’s one of the fanciest hotels in Tehran to stay in since its location is in the north of the city. Also, it is adjacent to the Enghelab sports complex and Tehran’s main highway. Moreover, it has modern architecture and superb services.

Persian Azadi Hotel

  • This hotel offers the most lavish rooms and suites to ensure a peaceful stay. All of these rooms are elegantly designed and furnished with the most up-to-date amenities.
  • You can book a single or double bedroom based on how many persons you are with; even you can book a suite with more facilities like a reception room, separate bedrooms, kitchen, and private bathrooms.
  • You can have your meals at Parse restaurant while enjoying city sights; also there are Asian especially Japanese restaurants in this hotel.
  • In Persian Azadi Hotel, you will have a swimming pool, gym, restaurant, wireless Internet, coffee shop, Auditorium, Shopping center, green Space, laundry, private parking, satellite TV.
  • You can enjoy your day by spending your time in Jacuzzi, Sauna or having more fun at the hotel’s gym.

Persian Azadi Hotel

Contact and Price

The price of booking this hotel starts at $91 a night. Like other hotels in Tehran, the check-in time is at 2 p.m., and the check-out time is at noon.

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Chamran Highway، Iran

Phone: +98 21 29112

Persian Plaza Hotel Tehran

Persian Plaza Hotel Tehran

This hotel is newly built with 16 floors and 96 luxury rooms; and is at the center of Tehran. It’s close to many popular tourist attractions and public transportation because of this position.

Persian Plaza Hotel Tehran

  • If you book Persian Plaza Hotel, you can access the Golestan Palace, the jewels museum, and the nature (Tabiat) bridge will be easier.
  • The staff is respectful and friendly, and you can reach them 24 hours within your stay in the hotel.
  • You can enjoy having your meal in its restaurants or cafeterias where they serve delicious Persian and worldwide foods.
  • This hotel’s luxury facilities include a swimming pool, gym, wireless Internet, spa, Sauna, hot tub, and laundry service.

Persian Plaza Hotel Tehran

Contact and Price

You can book a room for a night at the price of $100.

Address: District 7, northern Saharvardi, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 21 8602 7813

Homa Hotel Tehran

Homa Hotel Tehran

This hotel was built in 1974 in Vanak, Tehran, with 173 rooms on 16 floors in the Pahlavi period.

  • From comfortable beds and sofas and chairs to a TV and mini-bar, all rooms and suites have everything you need for a pleasant stay.
  • You can enjoy your food in the hotel’s restaurant where there is always a piano playing.
  • Homa hotel offers you a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, spa, massage, and gym like other luxury hotels.
  • One of the most exciting facilities this hotel offers is delivering a newspaper every morning in your room for free.
  • Homa hotel wants to make you feel like your room is more than simply a place to sleep; therefore, each room has a desk, mini-bar, television, and internet access.

Homa Hotel Tehran

Homa Hotel Tehran

Contact and Price

The price of a one-night stay starts at $98.

Address:  Vanak sq. Shahid Khoddami, NO.51, Tehran, Iran.

 Phone: +98 21 8877 3021


These five-star hotels in Tehran are the most majestic and luxurious ones in Iran, where you can experience a pleasant staying. So whenever you decide to visit Tehran, don’t forget to check these hotels and have a wonderful staying in Tehran


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