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Toomaj Gapoon Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Date:2022-10-31 Category: persian music
Toomaj Gapoon Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Toomaj Gapoon Mp3 Download + Lyrics

In this post, we have prepared for you the song “Gapoon” by Toomaj ,دانلود آهنگ گاپون از توماج a popular Iranian rapper, a beautiful song with the best quality along with the text and translation. and enjoy
(This song has political content)


Artist: Toomaj
Released: 2022
Album: Gapoon



Play Online:


Toomaj Gapoon Mp3 320 Download 



Toomaj Gapoon Mp3 Lyrics:

امروز تو رفاهی، فردا نوبتِ توعه
سیستمی که حامیشی میشه دشمنِ خودت

Today you are happy, tomorrow it is your turn
A system that supports you becomes your enemy

ورق برمی‌گرده چون برگه‌ها بُر زده شده
روزی قرعه به نامت افتاد شوک نشه مُخت

The sheet returns because the sheets have been cut
One day the lottery fell on your name, don’t be shocked

صحبتِ فرجه، حرفِ بازه زمانیه
دیگه فرصتِ آخره، الان تایمِ طلاییه

Farjah’s talk is the talk of the time period
It’s the last chance, now is the golden time

مهمترین انتخابه، امتحانِ نهاییه
یا میای تو تیم ما یا کل بازی خراب میشه

The most important choice is the final exam
Either you come to our team or the whole game will be ruined

من من تو تو بیایین یار بکشیم
بین حکومت و ملت حصار بکشیم

Me, you, you, let’s kill each other
Build a fence between the government and the people

یا پایین بایست یا با بالاییا بشین
یالا انتخاب کن، مهره‌هاتو بچین

Either stand down or sit up
Yala, choose, place your dice



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