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Top 10 Best Youtube Poker Channels

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Top 10 Best Youtube Poker Channels

Learning to play poker used to be complicated. However, thanks to the Internet, today, people can learn anything fast and free from the comfort of their couches! Youtube is an excellent source for learning new skills, and poker is no exception. However, with countless poker vlogs producing poker-related content, finding the best youtube poker channels to learn the game effectively may take a lot of work.  Hence, we put together this article to help you find the best poker channels on youtube.


Why Should You Subscribe With The Best Youtube Poker Channels?

The short answer is to enjoy while learning new poker stuff. Subscribing with youtube poker channels is free(set aside the annoying ads while watching the videos!). So, you can every day learn something new and stay updated with poker trends. In addition, most of the youtube poker channels are owned by professional poker players. This means you can watch and learn from actual experiences as professional poker players try to share their everyday experiences while playing at land-based casinos or online ones. This is like having a private poker mentor but free of cost!


10 Best Youtube Poker Channels To Learn

Youtube is a place to find infinite videos about whatever topic you can think of. Although the Youtube team tries to validate the content being shared on this platform by removing misleading videos, they cannot monitor every minute of every video recorded and shared by YouTubers. For this reason, finding the best youtube poker channels seems complicated, especially for those new to this topic. Below is a list of the top ten(in no specific order) poker channels to subscribe to and learn.

1. PokerStars

poker stars youtube

Pokerstars is your all-in-one poker source, where you can watch their poker tournaments, highlights of the European Poker Tour (EPT), and series like Big Game and Shark Cage. This is a great place to learn poker strategies from professional players. Better yet, you can learn poker tips live and visually learn how to play the best poker hands. Pokerstars joined youtube on Jun 20, 2006, and now has more than 1 million subscribers. Pokerstars videos received more than 960 million viewers. This number means they know what they are doing! At this youtube poker channel, you will not only learn first-hand poker strategies but will not get bored watching and learning poker every day!

Links to Pokerstars
Website pokerstars.net
Facebook @PokerStars
Instagram @pokerstars
Twitch twitch.tv/PokerStars


2. Pokernewsdotcom


If you have ever searched for poker content, you likely came across the pokernews website and youtube channel. This independent online poker authority works with the best poker professionals worldwide. It produces top poker podcasts, news, resources, and videos. Pokernews joined youtube on Jan 6, 2007, as one of the oldest youtube poker channels with over 58k youtube subscribers. Their youtube videos have received more than 25 million views so far. At pokernews, you can find anything about poker, including live tournament coverage.

Links to Pokernews
Website pokernews.com
Facebook @PokerNews
Instagram @pokernews
Twitter @PokerNews
TikTok @pokernews.com


3. Gripsed Poker Training // Evan Jarvis

Gripsed Poker Training // Evan Jarvis

Gripsed youtube channel is owned by Evan Jarvis, a Canadian professional player who has been playing poker since 2004. He takes poker teaching to a whole new level. He is funny and knows how to teach people. As he says, if you want to learn how pros play poker, you should subscribe to his channel. Evan is successful in everything he does in the field of poker. For example, he created over 500 poker training youtube videos, published Mastering Small Stakes Cash Games book, and hosted over 500  live Streams on the Twitch platform. Evan’s youtube poker channel started to work on Oct 1, 2008, and attracts over 97k youtube subscribers. Gripsed poker videos have received more than 8 million views so far.

4. Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme

Andrew is an American professional poker player and vlogger living in Las Vegas, USA. Although his youtube poker channel is not that old, his videos have received more than 39 million views so far and earned him over 180k youtube subscribers. People love his videos because they are fun, colorful, instructive, and, most importantly, authentic. He shares his real-life poker experiences while playing at various land-based and online casinos. Andrew loves to travel and play poker. In fact, he travels to play poker! At Andrew’s poker channel, you can learn how to play poker and learn from the real-life experiences of pro poker players.

Links to Andrew Neeme
Instagram @yayandrew
Twitter @andrewneeme
Merchandise shopandrewneeme.com


5. Joe Ingram

Joe Ingram

Joe is one of the Pokerstars’ hosts, and you can watch his live streams where he rails the highest stakes action on Pokerstars. His full name is ChicagoJoey, also known as Joeingram1 or Joe Ingram. Joe joined youtube and posted his first poker video on Mar 3, 2007. On Joe Ingram’s youtube channel, you can watch the High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha series, where the best players from the online PLO world compete for big pots. Joe is a high roller, and his poker channel focuses primarily on high stake poker tables. Over 65 million viewers have watched this channel’s videos so far.

Links to Joe Ingram
Instagram @papigto
Twitter @Joeingram1
Facebook @Poker Life Podcast/Twitch Listeners


6. Doug Polk Poker

Doug Polk Poker

This is a place where you can watch educational poker content, twitch streams, and funny videos. Doug posted his first video on Jun 22, 2016. The main reason for this channel’s popularity is its fun yet educative videos. Real-life poker experiences from pro players teach you a lot of strategies and tips to learn how to play like a pro. Doug’s videos have received more than 136 million views so far.

Links to Doug Polk Poker
Instagram @dougpolkpoker
Twitter @DougPolkPoker
Facebook @Doug Polk
Snapchat Douglas Polk wcgrider
Twitch @DougPolkPoker


7. PokerStaples


Jaime is a full-time Canadian professional poker player who has daily live streams on Twitch and posts educational and fun poker videos on youtube daily. He is a full-time member of PokerStars Team Online. PokerStaples started his work on youtube on Oct 19, 2014. Jamie has a vlogging channel where he occasionally posts fun videos. The PokerStaples channel has received more than 35 million viewers so far. This implies that you will find pretty good poker content here.

Links to PokerStaples
Instagram @jaimestaples
Twitter @jaimestaples
Facebook @Jaime Staples
Vlogging channel @jaimestaples9658
Twitch @ PokerStaples


8. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel is an American professional poker player who joined youtube on Oct 2, 2006, to share tricks that helped him earn more than $42 million in poker tournaments. He is cute😋, funny, and knows how to keep you hooked! Daniel shares his real-life poker experiences. Hence you can learn how to play poker like a pro. Poker Tips, Hand Breakdowns, Live Streams, DAT Poker Podcast, and his yearly WSOP Poker Vlogs are some of the topics you can find videos on his channel. Daniel has more than 697k youtube subscribers and his poker videos have received over 83 million viewers.

Links to Daniel Negreanu
Instagram @dnegspoker
Twitter @RealKidPoker


9. Brad Owen

Brad Owen

Brad is another professional poker player from the United States. He is not into making fancy videos. His videos are as real as if you are watching him at a casino in Vegas! He primarily plays at Vegas casinos and shares his experience with the viewers. You can learn pro poker tips and strategies on Brad’s channel.

He joined youtube on Nov 15, 2013, and attracted more than 650k subscribers to his channel. Over 145 million viewers mean people are having a good time on his Brad Owen channel! You can find Brad on Instagram by searching @bradowen1. He is on Twitter under the TheBradOwen username. Brad has another youtube channel where he answers questions and comments he receives from his subscribers and fans. You can find it by searching @bradowenclips6089 on youtube.

10. Poker Go

Poker Go

This is the official youtube channel of PokerGo, one of the world leaders in television and entertainment. They officially started to post poker videos on Jan 27, 2015, and have attracted 360k subscribers since then. Poker lovers can find and watch videos of WSOP, High Stakes Poker, and Poker After Dark on this channel. Unlike Brad’s videos, PokerGo uses fancy video techniques to make their videos more appealing. They even offer a streaming app called PokerGO, where you can watch full events and shows. This channel has received more than 187 million viewers so far.

Links to PokerGo
Instagram @pokergo
Twitter @PokerGO
Facebook @pokergo


Best Youtube Poker Channels Frequently Asked Questions

Can you live-stream poker on youtube?

Yes, you can. This is what poker YouTubers are doing!


What is the best youtube poker channel in 2022?

Pokerstars, with more than 1 million subscribers, is the best youtube channel for poker.


Do poker channels on youtube charge subscription fees?

Of course not. All the channels introduced in this post are free of cost. You can subscribe, watch their videos, and learn poker for free.


How do poker YouTubers make money?

Most of them are pro poker players. They make money from playing poker. In addition, youtube pays them according to their video views. Also, their fans can support them on Patreon or other platforms.


Final Words On Best Youtube Poker Channels

Poker is easier to learn than ever, thanks to the free online poker resources. Youtube poker channels are the best way to visually learn poker from professional players. Although you can search and find infinite poker videos on youtube, the channels introduced on this page are the best and most legitimate ones. You can rest assured about the accuracy and validity of tips and strategies you find at each channel.


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