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traditional iranian clothing photos

Date:2023-01-27 Category: other
traditional iranian clothing photos

traditional iranian clothing photos

Iranian local clothes are a pleasant variation of the special clothing of different ethnic groups of this land, which shows the different identity and culture of each ethnic group.

Clothing is recognized all over the world as a representative part of the culture, history and identity of each country. The existence of different ethnic groups such as Gilak, Azeri, Kurdish, Lur, Baloch, Qashqai, Arab, Bakhtiari, Turkmen, etc. in the corners of Iran and the different cultures of each of them have created a pleasant variety of colorful clothing in the country. In other words, a symbol of the culture of each nation or tribe can be found in each cut, sewing and special decorations of traditional Iranian clothes.

Clothes that are made of different materials and colors according to the type of weather in different regions and by themselves can represent a corner of each person’s identity, age, celibacy or marriage, social status, and so on.

Although the use of these clothes is being forgotten in some provinces, some Iranian ethnic groups still insist on wearing their own clothes and some others go for it in various festivals and rituals. In this article, you will get to know some of the beautiful local clothes that are used in different parts of Iran by different tribes of this land.


Azerbaijani(âzari) آذری

Azerbaijani(âzari) clothing Azerbaijani(âzari) clothing

Kurdish کردی

Kurdish clothing Kurdish clothing

Lur لر

Lur clothing Lur clothing

Abyaneh ابیانه

Abyaneh clothing Abyaneh clothing

Baloch بلوچ

Baloch clothing

Bandar بندر

Bandar clothing

Qashqai قشقایی

Qashqai clothing

Gilak گیلک

Gilak clothing

Mazanderan مازنی

Mazanderan clothing

Turkmens ترکمن

Turkmens clothing Turkmens clothing

Khorasan خراسان

Khorasan clothing Khorasan clothing


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