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Hamed Behdad Biography , Movies and TV Shows

Date:2021-12-06 Category: biography
 Who Is Hamed Behdad

Hamed Behdad Biography , Movies and TV Shows

Hamed Behdad (حامد بهداد) is a handsome Iranian actor born on 17 November 1973 in Mashhad, Iran. In 2019, At the Shanghai International Film Festival, he received the Golden Goblet Award for Best Actor for his “Castle of Dreams” performance. In 2011, Hamed Behdad received the Crystal Simorgh for acting in “Crime” for the first time.

Occupation Actor/ Singer
Born 17th  November 1973
Age 48
Birthplace Mashhad, Iran
Height 1.76 m
Net worth $1-5 Million

Hamed Behdad’s Family

Hamed Behdad was raised in a household that valued the arts. His father, Mahmoud, was interested in literature. He was born in Mashhad but grew up in Kermanshah and Tehran until his family relocated to Mashhad because of personal difficulties during his high school years. He received his bachelor’s degree in theatrical acting from the Islamic Azad University in Tehran.


Favorite Actor

Since he was nine years old, Behdad has engaged in stage plays. He has always idolized Marlon Brando ( American actor), and he hasn’t concealed his desire to be as great as him.


Beginning of Acting Career

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

In 2000, Rambod Javan suggested Behdad for a role in the film “End of Game,” directed by Homayoon As’adian. Hamed Behdad was nominated for the Crystal Simorgh award at the Fajr Film Festival for his role in this movie.

He co-starred with other great actors, including Fakhreddin Seddigh Sharif, Majid Moshiri, Ali Emrani, and Poopak Goldarreh in “End of Game.”


Love to Sing

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

Since he was a kid, he’s been interested in music and has performed a few songs. A more serious effort was his singing for the Daarkoob group in 2014, then he accompanied Reza Yazdani on his 25 o’clock album and sang the title tune for the series “like a nightmare.”

He has cooperated on “Gold Tooth” as a vocalist and performed all the songs required for his character’s part in other films.


Passion for Poetry

Behdad tried to write poetry for a time, but it didn’t work out. In addition to learning a musical instrument, he began to read, paint, and perform other creative activities. He explains that he constantly worked to improve his mental health.


Profession of Photography

He has followed several interests throughout his acting career, including photography. In 2008, he had his first photo exhibition in Shirin Gallery, which included 35 film frames and events themes.


Close Friends

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

Hamed Behdad and Baran Kosari have been friends for more than a decade. As a result of their friendship, they have a deep knowledge of each other at work, and they’re a fantastic fit for various roles.

He has a close friendship with Rambod Javan (a famous Iranian actor); When he went to University, Behdad experienced extreme poverty in his life until Rambod hired him as an assistant at his Advertising Company. Rambod let Hamed stay at home, where he had a place to sleep and eat.


Wife and Marriage Life

He hasn’t gotten married and is still single.


Hamed Behdad and Dubbing

It’s worth mentioning that Hamed Behdad has been quite active in the area of dubbing for some time. He worked as a doubler in several documentaries.

Once, he decided to gather a crew of dubbers at his own cost with the goal of re-dubbing the most notable classic films in the history of international cinema. This project took a long time to complete, yet it was unclear how far it had progressed.


Hamed and His Wonderful Movies

He proved himself as a talented Iranian actor after starring in “End of Game,” and he went on to play in numerous more Iranian films, which we’ll explore in detail below.


Hamed Behdad in the Third Day

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

In 2007, Behdad acted as Foad in the film “The Third Day,” directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi. Behdad played an Iraqi officer who fell in love with a girl from Khorramshahr during the Iraq invasion. He received the Hafez award for Best Actor at the 11th  Celebration of the Picture World for his performance.

Pouria Poursorkh, Baran Kosari, Borzou Arjmand, and Shahram Ghaedi were among the other outstanding Iranian actors who appeared with him.


Hamed in Hesse Penhan

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

In 2007, Hamed Behdad acted as Bahram in “Hesse Penhan,” directed by Mostafa Razzagh Karimi. The story is about Amir, a guy unhappy with his wife, Simin, seeking an alternative emotional connection.

He becomes acquainted with Neda and eventually develops a deep emotional connection. In the movie, you’ll see that his wife finds out about their relationship while they are on the verge of being married. He co-acted with other notable Iranian actors such as Mohammad-Reza Foroutan, Mahtab Keramati, Niusha Zeighami, and Atila Pesyani.


Behdad in No One Knows About Persian Cats

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

In 2009, Hamed acted in “No One Knows About Persian Cats,” directed by Bahman Ghobadi.   This film, in which Hamed Behdad played the main part, is one of his most successful works. It was presented at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, and Hamed earned the Best Actor Award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

In this film, he acted with Ashkan Kooshanejad, Negar Shaghaghi, Babak Mirzakhani, and Hichkas.


Behdad in Crime

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

In 2011, Behdad acted as Naser in “Crime,” directed by Masoud Kimiai. In honor of his performance in the film “Crime,” Behdad won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 29th Fajr Film Festival.

The film is about the chaotic days of the Islamic revolution in Tehran, and it follows the life of a man who refuses to compromise his religious views. Reza is mistakenly imprisoned, and after being freed from jail, he gets involved in the Iranian revolution. He co-starred with other superstars such as Siamak Ansari, Bahareh Rahnama, Dariush Arjmand, and Niki Karimi in this movie.


Behdad in Sly

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

In 2018, Hamed acted as Ghodrat Samadi in “Sly,” directed by Kamal Tabrizi. Ghodrat Samadi tries to become a member of parliament, but he has a reputation for being impulsive and taking arbitrary actions. Finally, negotiating with various political groups has proven to be the most effective strategy for him.

This movie is a comedy, and we recommend you watch it for sure.


Hamed in Castle of Dreams

 Who Is Hamed Behdad

In 2019, Behdad acted as Jalal in “Castle of Dreams,” directed by Reza Mirkarimi. Hamed received the Best Actor Award at the Antalya Film Festival and the 13th edition of the Cinema Critics and Writers Association for his performance in the film.

Having been in jail for some years, Jalal visits his wife’s sister to pick up her vehicle. You’ll see that Jalal’s wife Shirin has been in a coma due to an accident, so her sister takes care of their children. Jalal drives his children to the house, and after a while, some secrets about him gets revealed.


Hamed Behdad’s Movies

In the following, we compiled Behdad’s films. 

Movie Director Year
End of Game Homayoon As’adian 2000
This woman doesn’t talk Ahmad Amini 2002
Boutique Hamid Nematollah 2003
Dancing With The Moon Abdolreza Kahani 2005
Cafe Setareh Saman Moghadam 2006
Rooze Sevom Mohammad Hossein Latifi 2007
Hesse Penhan Mostafa Razzagh Karimi 2007
The Day Goes and the Night Comes Omid Bonakdar, Keyvan AliMohammadi 2008
Bidari Farzad Motamen 2008
Every Night, Loneliness Rasul Sadr Ameli 2009
No One Knows About Persian Cats Bahman Ghobadi 2009
Adamkosh Reza Karimi 2010
Crime Masoud Kimiai 2011
Orange Suit Dariush Mehrjui 2012
Good to Be Back Dariush Mehrjui 2013
Zendegi Jaye Digari Ast Manouchehr Hadi 2014
The fourth child Vahid Mousaian 2014
The Girl House Shahram Shah Hosseini 2015
Chaharshanbe Khoon Be Pa Mishavad Hamase Parsa 2015
It happened at midnight Tina Pakravan 2016
Blockage Mohsen Gharaie 2017
sly Kamal Tabrizi 2018
Castle of Dreams Reza Mirkarimi 2019

If you want to know more about this handsome actor, follow his Instagram account @behdad_hamed; his account has 2 million followers.


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