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Why the Iranian protest?

Date:2022-12-09 Category: other
Why the Iranian protest?

Why the Iranian protest?

Following the death of 22 years old Kurdish girl, Mahsa Amini, on September 16, Iran is facing the most extensive and prolonged protests after the Islamic revolution. These protests started when three morality police officers arrested Mahsa because of her Hijab; while in police custody, she fainted and, after two days, passed away. The official police report indicated no physical contracts with the victim; however, the family claimed two women officers had beaten her with a baton to the head. After her family vehemently denied the police report, government officials denied the accusations. They forged a medical condition showing that Mahsa had an “underlying disease,” which was the reason for her death.

mahsa amini

Two days after the death of Mahsa Amini, the first wave of protest started on Twitter and Instagram. Iranians used the #Mahsa_amini Hashtag to inform the world what is happening inside the borders of Iran. Nevertheless, when officials forced the family to bury their only daughter silently in the western city of Saqqez, other Kurdish cities started a new wave of protest. Contrary to other protests over the last 15 years in Iran, this was a demand for freedom and overthrowing of the Islamic government.

Why the Iranian protest?

Why did the death of Mahsa inspire such intense protests?

Sanctions and an unstable economy have created a situation in which the death of a young and innocent girl such as Mahsa Amini can ignite a massive social movement. A small event has initiated contemporary social protests; however, this time, the nature of the rally is different from what we saw in other countries. In contrast to other protests inside Iran’s border this time, women play a vital role in which they are at the forefront of the demonstrations. On the tombstone of the Mahsa, her aunt wrote that this wouldn’t be the end, and her name would become the code of a new movement. Following these incidents, demonstrators used the woman, life, and freedom slogan.

Mahsa Amini’s death fueled the unjust society, trying to rise just like a phoenix. From the anthropological perspective, Iran’s z generation is not like the past generations that can accept the forced Hijab, so they prefer to gain what they ask. They are aware that in the past, peaceful demonstrations were suppressed brutally, and if a new wave of protest could change anything, it would be by force and new methods. They know that women worldwide are taking political positions, so they try to control the streets to change the situation in Iran and force themselves out of political repression.

Why the Iranian protest?

What is the driving force behind these protests?

Putting aside the gender differences in Iran that bring women out of their comfort zone, longing for political, social, and economic freedom is the reason behind these demonstrations. Iranians have suffered a lot because of nuclear programs; none had a substantial positive effect, and the only thing it brought them was isolation from the free world. Due to the international crisis, Iranians are not welcomed anywhere. They know that as long as these totalitarian governments are in power, their status will not change. They are aware what is prohibited for them is available for officials and their families, and this is the critical political role given to specially chosen candidates. One of the driving forces for Iranians is the billions of dollars invested in proxy wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.

Why the Iranian protest?

Who is protesting on the streets of Iran?

 In opposition to common beliefs that indicate only the Z generations are in the streets, we see all three ages play an essential role in these events from reported deaths. Iranians of all ethnicities, ages, religions, and gender are shoulder-to-shoulder trying to gain control of the streets. It might be true that women started the new wave of protests, but men are forcing government armed forces off the way. For the first time after 44 years, Iranians are chanting the same slogan, singing the same anthem, and asking for one thing; “Regime change.”

Why the Iranian protest?

What form have the protests taken?

Over the last 15 years, Iranians have tried all types of peaceful protest; the only thing they saw was the bullet and weapons. However, this time it is different; first, women cut their hair and burnt their hijabs to show that they are sick of forced hijabs in Iran. This symbolic act became an international movement, and even political and social activities decided to do the same thing worldwide. After this shape of protest expanded, officials agreed to shoot everyone on the streets. After this, for the first time, people decided to act and used new tactics to fight the armed forces and form the most significant movement in Iran’s modern history.

Why the Iranian protest?

How has the Islamic regime responded?

The Islamic regime has always used the same approach to confront the protesters: shooting, arresting, and hanging. Based on the field reports inside Iran, in ethnic minority cities such as Baluchestan and Kurdistan, nearly 350 people have been murdered, and the number is growing. Among the deaths, we see almost 58 children, and hundreds are in critical condition, according to US-based Human Rights Activists. In these two provinces, captured videos show heavy weaponry and military vehicles in the streets, and any demonstrations would have a violent response.

Why the Iranian protest?

What is next for the protest?

Currently, the world is witnessing a new form of revolution in Iran that no other country has seen. For the first time, a feministic movement is leading a revolution and trying not only to change their social status but also change the governing fascistic idea. Since there were no similar movements, predicting these events’ outcomes is pretty much impossible. Nevertheless, we can agree that this is a moment of reckoning that western countries should notice. Inside the country, there is a growing belief that if western countries support this movement and sanction all Sepah, Iranians can show bravery and force them to put down weapons.

Why the Iranian protest?

Will we see a new revolution in Iran?

There is no concrete answer; however, we all agree that we are on the verge of a new chapter in modern Iran’s political status. the Islamic regime has lost control of the streets. People on the streets show bravery that has never been seen in any part of the world.

Why the Iranian protest? Why the Iranian protest? Why the Iranian protest?



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